Duplication & Distribution Services

Once you've produced your program, CCTV Duplication & Distribution can make 1 or 500 DVD copies of your Channel 17 show or other program and distribute it via US Mail, internet file exchange or web links.

DVD Duplication

To order a copy of a Channel 17 show, select the program from any of our TV listings and hit the "Order Now" button on that page. This will direct you to our store, where you can pay on-line

Number of DVD's Price Per DVD
   1 $20.00
   2-4 $15.00
   5-9 $10.00
   10+ $5.00

Shipping/Handing starts at $5.00 for one DVD and increases by $.69/ additional DVD.

Payment is due prior to shipping or at the time of pick-up. For a bulk estimate or to ship DVDs to multiple locations, please call sberger [at] cctv [dot] org (Sarah Berger )and leave a message at 802.862.1645 x10 with: the Name of the Program, Production Date, Number of Copies, Billing and Shipping Information, Your Name and Daytime Phone Number.

Video Transfers from other formats to DVD is billed at our hourly rate of $125/ hour.

Web Links

Every Channel 17 program now lives on the internet. There are now download links on each program page. Ask for instructions how to spread the program through email and your web site. morourke [at] cctv [dot] org (Meghan O'Rourke) can help you with this.

VMX - Vermont Media Exchange

VMX gets your programs around the state quickly. VMX is a broadcast video file sharing network of Vermont's public access channels. Channel 17 will distribute your programs on VMX for a modest fee. Contact Kim for a more specific estimate at 802.862.1645 x15 or kvillemaire [at] cctv [dot] org.

Featured Story

Job Posting: Video Support Engineer at CCTV/Channel 17/ Town Meeting Television

CCTV is looking for a creative problem solver with hands on experience in video engineering and desk top support to provide technical services to CCTV & Town Meeting Television. The Video Engineer works with the Systems Engineer to run our current multi-media operations and deliver local public affairs media in a post-cable world. The successful candidate will have strong skills and experience managing business information technology functions including some MySQL/MariaDB database administration, financial systems, CRM, desktop support, website CMS troubleshooting and maintenance, Google Apps administration, telephone and video conferencing.


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