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CCTV and Town Meeting TV work with college and high school students to create meaningful and interesting internships. We offer some ready-made, hands-on learning experiences or we can work to craft a unique experience to meet your skill development goals and needs. 
CCTV Center for Media and Democracy oversees the operations of Town Meeting TV - a government access and community media station and CCTV Productions - a professional media production company. 
Are you studying communications, film and media, documentary production, political science, or technology? Check in with us about expanding your learning experience!
Here are a few internship and volunteer options:
Live at 5:25 Studio Production
Join our team once a week (or more) from 5-6 p.m. Learn the nuts and bolts of TV studio production, set design, audio, talent management, camera, and control room directing. Improve your hands-on camera work, learn to work in a team, and eventually learn to direct studio shows. Possibilities can include learning on-air TV host skills. 
Camera and Field Production
Work with a Town Meeting TV mentor to develop an individual video production project in community media. Explore topical issues in the community through the lens of video. Improve your communications skills, project management, pre-production planning, camera production, and post-production editing. 
Technology Support
Work with our IT team on projects ranging from general office computer maintenance, small scale technology integration, or craft your own larger community media technology project in app development, web management etc using our access to the civic cloud servers. We can provide mentoring and office space. 
Marketing and Communications
Work with our small communications and marketing team to develop strategies around building viewership and disseminating our programs to the niche community audiences they are intended for, develop partnerships around specific programming and events, and assist with social media. Practice marketing skills in writing blog and news item entries for our website and social media outlets. 
Integrated Post Production Support
Work with our post-production team in editing, DVD duplication, and archive management. Learn computer editing skills in Adobe Premiere, Encore, printing of DVDs, workflow management, and teamwork.
Contact Meghan O’Rourke to begin the conversation -- morourke [at] cctv [dot] org 802-862-3966 X16