Propose a Show & Request Event Coverage

Propose a Program

"I want to make a short video on bike safety. We have a great public speaker coming up--how do we reach a wider audience?"

Great! Every media project starts with a good story and the energy to make it happen.

Propose a Program> Plan your show and organize a crew. Once we train you, you'll be qualified to check out Town Meeting TV's production and editing equipment at no charge to produce a program that will air on Town Meeting TV (and your website or other Vermont access channels).

Request Event Coverage> Some public events qualify for coverage by Town Meeting TV. And your event does not meet those quidelines, you can borrow equipment and record it yourself, or hire CCTV Productions to do it for you. maketv [at] cctv [dot] org (Contact us) to learn more.

Request Airtime> If you've already produced your public interest program and it falls within Town Meeting TV guidelines, we'll be glad to air it on Town Meeting TV (which runs on Comcast and Burlington Telecom). Don't forget to ask us about Vermont Media Exchange (VMX) --an efficient way to distribute your program to Vermont's Access Network.kvillemaire [at] cctv [dot] org ( Email Kim Villemaire at kvillemaire [at] cctv [dot] org) or call her at 802.862.3966 x15 for air dates and times.

Featured Story

Town Meeting Day 2021 Forums Begin January 14th

To help voters better understand the people and questions on their local ballots, Town Meeting TV (formerly known as Channel 17) will present a series of candidate forums, budget presentations, and other election-related programs beginning Thursday, January 14th.


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