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Highlighted archival series:

  1. Bernie Speaks
  2. Burlington This Is You!

CCTV Archives is a unique collection of Chittenden County’s history. This history exists on a range of media types, including physical media dating back to the 1980s, as well as born-digital content. 

With digitization of these assets, CCTV improves the community’s access to these programs and creates long-term preservation of the programming; any member of the public may search CCTV’s entire catalog of program listings (from 1984 to the present). High school, college and university students are introduced to CCTV and the archives through internships and regular partnerships with journalism, anthropology and political science faculty.

CCTV Archives contains all material produced by CCTV and Town Meeting TV producers and community users including municipal meetings, election coverage, studio programs, and field recordings. In addition the CCTV Archives maintains select content produced independently and submitted by municipalities, community members, the Vermont Media Exchange, and CCTV productions. 

Vision: To preserve its own original analog and born-digital video assets, as well as make the archives accessible to the public, and create a model for other access centers and local community media institutions to use for their own preservation practices.

CCTV Archives seeks to:

  • Collect and preserve a collection of video assets representing the cultural and democratic processes influencing our service area in Chittenden County and Vermont at large

  • Collaborate with community partners by soliciting submissions of their local video assets for inclusion in the CCTV community archives

  • Make video content accessible and usable by the community and public under select Creative Commons practices, specifically “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license”

  • Become a reliable archival resource for the local community’s self-created projects, community producers, and community partners

  • Air, share, and preserve a content-focused, curated archive of community-based content that has local, regional, national, and international influences on our community

  • Serve local municipalities, activists, non-profits, students, media makers, politicians, volunteers, and interns

  • Archive curated content representing political dignitaries, visiting scholars, political activists, community-based organizations, municipal officials, candidates for elected officials, and elements of arts and culture

  • Ensure the perpetuity of the archive through financial sustainability

  • Maintain a community media archivist who understands the depth and breadth and importance of the collection to the community

  • Build our capacity to digitally preserve community content from other local producers that fits the archival curation guidelines

CCTV Remembers Founder Nat Ayer 06/13/2022

CCTV remembers Nat Ayer, one of the founders of CCTV.

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