Forms and Documents for TV Producers

Propose a Program

Channel 17 looks forward to working with you when you exercise your free speech! Use the forms below to Propose a Program and share the details.  Here are some the forms, policies & handouts that you'll need, below. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help filling them out. When you produce a program with Channel 17, you agree to air the program on Channel 17 and on Copies will be made available to the public for the cost of reproduction.


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    Equipment and Studio Use Agreement
    Submit a Program to Air
    What A Field Producer Needs To Know
    How to Promote Your Live Show
    Want To Volunteer?
    How To Plan Your Video
    Community TV Summer Camp Scavenger Hunt
    Channel17 and CCTV Content Licensing & Policies
    Channel 17 Operating Policies as of 2017
    Channel 17 Election Policies as of 2017

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    CCTV Welcomes New Board Chair Jason Pelletier

    The CCTV Center for Media & Democracy Board is pleased to announce election of Jason Pelletier as its newest President. Jason assumes Board leadership from Michael McNamara, longtime supporter of CCTV and Channel 17 producer who served as Board President from 2013.


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