Your investment in CCTV & its Programs:

  • Helps Us Deliver Comprehensive Local Election Coverage In addition to live results coverage on Election Night, we hosted more than two dozen forums with local and statewide candidates. 

  • Powers Community Innovation by building the Civic Cloud into a robust publicly controlled internet platform that hosts new community uses – such as streaming live local events, hosting multi-user games and interactive databases.

  • Opens the Doors to Local Government – We're planning to go live with most local meetings, improve our web presence, and build a new mobile app for Channel 17/Town Meeting TV.

  • Supports Vermont's Nonprofit Sector – Our local programs help knit Vermont's social sector together and help amplify their messages and missions.

  • Preserves Local History – CCTV 's Video Archives house stacks of cataloged programs – including three decades of community life and 1,000 hours that track the career of Bernie Sanders! 

  • Champions Free Speech – We do not stop advocating for public access to all forms of telecomunications. 

Your tax-deductible gift makes our programs possible! 

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