T.J. Donovan Press Conference on Student Loan Scams 11/13/2018

Operation City on a Hill: Back to the Future 11/13/2018

UVM Community Medical School: Pumps, Sensors & Meds, Oh My! - Treatments for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes 11/13/2018

Positively Vermont: The Catamount Trail Association 11/12/2018

Feminist Media Review: Media Literacy in the Age of Trump 11/12/2018

Commemorating Armistice Day and Demanding Peace Now 11/11/2018

Vermont Baseball Hall of Fame 11/10/2018

International Joint Commission Public meeting 11/09/2018

Addiction Recovery Channel: November Promo 11/09/2018

Paul McLeod Interview 11/09/2018

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Stop the FCC From Gutting Public Access Television

The Federal Communications Commission is considering a new rule that will jeopardize community media organizations like Channel 17. Stop the FCC from gutting public access TV! Let them know why you think community media is important.


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