Candidate Obama on the State of the Media

June 16, 2008

Barack Obama and John Eggerton of Broadcasting & Cable had an
exclusive email interview on media issues.
Obama says, among other
things: he is committed to working toward a digital-TV transition
that is without significant disruption (the switchover would come less
than four weeks after his inauguration); said the Federal
Communications Commission needs to take merger reviews more seriously;
asserted that FCC chairman Kevin Martin, like his predecessor, has
tried to 'dismantle' rules that protect the public; and gave his
thoughts on whether cable content should be regulated or its channels

Obama believes the consequence of consolidation has been less
diversity, less local news and the parroting of stories across multiple
outlets. That, he said, needs to change.
In other words, the media is on notice: The potential new sheriff is in
town, and he believes there's plenty of cleaning up to do. A must-read. Barack Obama's Media Agenda: An Exclusive Interview - Broadcasting & Cable.


Also, watch the National Press Club debate (6/10/08  as Reed Hundt (as Obama surrogate) versus Michael Powell (as McCain
surrogate) battle it out the next administration's telcom


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