CCTV Center for Media & Democracy Announces New Co-Director Leadership in 2024

January 08, 2024
The CCTV Center for Media & Democracy Board of Directors announces the promotion of Mohamad Al Rubaie, CCTV Business Manager to serve in shared executive leadership alongside Meghan O’Rourke as CCTV Co Directors. CCTV’s founding Executive Director, Lauren-Glenn Davitian, stepped down in October of 2023 and will continue work with the organization and the VT Access Network as Public Policy Director.
Founded in 1984 by Nat Ayer and Lauren-Glenn Davitian, CCTV is a community media center based in Burlington’s Old North End which advances free speech, promotes local democracy, facilitates participation in political decision making, and builds unity and empathy in the community by convening, recording, airing, sharing, and archiving community voices. CCTV’s advocacy and innovative project development secures media channels, tools, and training that allow community involvement in the exchange of ideas and decision making. CCTV’s programs include Town Meeting TV, the Vermont Language Justice Project, CCTV Productions, the Neighborhood Media Internship, the CCTV Archives, and more. 
 “We are incredibly excited about the evolution of CCTV’s leadership into such a strong partnership,” said CCTV Board Chair Elaine Haney. “Mohamad’s energy along with his financial and operational expertise complement Meghan’s extensive programmatic capabilities and her deep commitment and connection to CCTV’s history. We’re confident that this innovative co-director model will help foster shared leadership, learning, and growth across the organization.”
CCTV is in its 40th year (!) and has been a key force in establishing community media as an essential part of Vermont’s local media landscape in service of free speech, open government, and community access to media and technology. CCTV will continue to support projects that use media channels, tools, and training to help people tell their story, open the doors of local government, and allow community members to expand their reach and impact in service of social, political, and community change.
Meghan O’Rourke is a community media maker with deep roots and commitment to serve. She began working for Town Meeting TV in 1993, then Channel 17, as a field producer and editor while also working as a bookkeeper for VT Rural Recyclers. She has worked in a variety of fields, including carpentry with the nascent Women Build crew, as an artist, and raising children before returning to CCTV in the mid-2000’s to assist with outreach and volunteer support. She appreciates the opportunities for community connections CCTV provides and looks forward to supporting that continued growth. In her spare time she collects rocks and looks at the world through magnifying lenses.
Mohamad Al Rubaie is a seasoned finance professional originally from Baghdad, Iraq, who embarked on a journey to the United States in 2009. With a wealth of experience in financial management, Mohamad has made significant contributions to organizations such as USAID and Pathways Vermont. His expertise extends to adeptly managing finances and demonstrating strong leadership in various managerial capacities. This global perspective and versatile skill set uniquely define Mohamad's professional profile.
CCTV also warmly welcomes additional staff members:
CCTV welcomed Drew Darrow in 2023 as an IT Systems Coordinator to provide technical support to the team. Drew brings a wide range of IT skills thanks to his background in desktop support, network administration and software development.
The VT Language Justice Project is excited to announce the hiring of Olivia Moseley as a Project Manager. Olivia will assist in production and organizational development on the continued growth of the project that provides a valuable service to the refugees, immigrants, and other multilingual communities in VT. Olivia comes from a background working in refugee resettlement, health education, and international development.