Job Posting: Video Support Engineer at CCTV/Channel 17/ Town Meeting Television

May 17, 2018

CCTV is looking for a skilled and resourceful video and IT professional with hands-on experience with video engineering, desktop support, web application support, and network engineering. The Systems Engineer and Video Support Engineer will maintain and operate Channel 17/ Town Meeting TV’s current multimedia operations. This team will support the production and delivery of local public affairs content today and in a post-cable world.

JOB 2: Video Support Engineer -  CCTV is looking for a creative problem solver with hands-on experience in video engineering and desktop support to provide technical services to CCTV & Town Meeting Television. The Video Engineer works with the Systems Engineer to run our current multi-media operations and deliver local public affairs media in a post-cable world.


The successful candidate will have strong skills and experience managing business information technology functions including some MySQL/MariaDB database administration, financial systems, CRM, desktop support, website CMS troubleshooting and maintenance, Google Apps administration, telephone and video conferencing.


Responsibilities Include:


  • Ensuring and optimizing day-to-day staff IT functionality across the organization, including the management of desktop upgrades, security, performance, distribution, training.

  • Video engineering activities that maintain and enhance the company's video signal infrastructure, processing hardware, software and electrical systems.

  • Troubleshooting video signal transmission and processing hardware/software.

  • Troubleshooting live streams of public meetings and events via various platforms and streaming services.

  • Managing digital video signal traffic between remote locations.

  • Designing, purchasing, installing, and troubleshooting video production and distribution equipment and systems (including cameras, encoders, video switchers, distribution amplifiers, capture devices).

  • Video and web analytics review and reporting to staff and management.

  • Problem solves with a team of staff and/or board members to identify the mission based video infrastructure needs that derive from the organizations' strategic goals.

  • Participate in video equipment related planning  and IT capital budgeting



  • 2+ years of experience in Desktop Support for Mac OS X, Windows 7 through Windows 10, as well as Ubuntu 14.04-18.04 Desktop.

  • 2+ years of relevant work experience using and/or supporting Adobe Premiere and the Adobe CC suite in video post-production workloads.

  • Experience with at least 4 of the following: FFmpeg, Open Broadcast Encoder, Open Broadcast Studio, NewTek Network Device Interface (NDI) Protocol, and Haivision Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Protocol.

  • Some experience administering NewTek Tricaster and/or Tricaster Advanced Live Switching software a plus.

  • Some experience administering Livestream Studio Software a plus.

  • Basic scripting skills in Python and BASH.

  • Basic Command Line Interface Skills on Windows, Linux, and MacOS

  • Familiarity with Nginx and/or Wowza Streaming Engine for media delivery over HTTP/S.

  • Basic knowledge of IP networking.

  • Knowledge of Digital Video standards, codecs, and container formats.

  • Familiarity with SDI Video, Analog Video.

  • Knowledge of IP Video, DVB, ASI, and MPEG2 / MPEG4 Transport Streams a plus.

  • Familiarity with NFS and SMB network-based file sharing.

  • Experience with Audio mixers and troubleshooting studio and broadcast related Audio issues.

  • Familiarity with iSCSI and/or Fibre Channel.


  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills including the ability to analyze problems, determine causes and initiate corrective action in a professional demeanor.

  • Demonstrated project management skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to work well with subcontractors, staff, volunteers, and management at partner organizations.  Understanding of non-violent communication strategies.

  • Ability to work independently

  • Knowledge of applicable laws and regulations as they relate to technology issues

  • Ability to lift, move and install server and network equipment up to 30 lbs. - and periodically up to 50 lbs. with the assistance of others.

  • Able to work a flexible schedule that may include some evenings and weekends.



  • Business Acumen and Organizational Awareness: Maintain a comprehensive awareness of CCTV’s work and organizational priorities in order to support our mission, vision, values, culture, and structure.

  • Communication and Collaboration: Effectively exchange information in order to interpret and respond to the needs of relevant stakeholders, achieve user satisfaction, and teach varying levels of information technology to groups or individuals.

  • Project Management: Coordinate the diverse components of all IT related projects with project planning, execution and change control to achieve required balance of time, cost, and quality.

  • Intellectual curiosity that leads to understanding the job requirements and technology needs of our staff and partners.

  • Demonstrated customer service attitude and approach

Organizational Description: CCTV operates Channel 17/Town Meeting TV, which airs on local cable and internet streams, producing more than 1,000 hours of new hyperlocal programming annually, as well as live streaming public meetings and events. We maintain and are digitizing a video archive of about 35,000 programs. CCTV also operates the Civic Cloud, a small OpenStack cloud that serves the Civic Cloud Collaborative Members. CCTV Productions provides live video switching and streaming for events on a fee for service basis. CCTV also serves as an umbrella organization for Common Good Vermont, a statewide non-profit capacity building organization. CCTV/Channel ‘s 17 networks operate across multiple locations in Burlington, including a shared server room at The Media Factory.

Please send your resume to Meghan O’Rourke, Channel 17/ Town Meeting TV Director at morourke [at] cctv [dot] org

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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