Tribute to Peter Freyne, Friend and Countryman

January 13, 2009

Peter Freyne's memorial service (1/29/09) will air on Channel 17 soon and will be available to watch online in the next 24-48 hours.

CCTV's work with Peter Freyne began in 1985 when we launched coverage of Burlington's City Council meetings and started asking questions about the role of the local press corps in keeping democracy open. At an early event, "Does the Media Lie?" held in the mid-1980's, Peter explained that his job was to keep politicians honest. He did just that, with unflinching focus for 25 years. In the early 1990's we went to the Vermont Legislature with Point CounterPoint, a series of debates designed to hear both sides of key policy issues. The series ran fifteen seasons, and you can see some of them here. We'll miss Peter a great deal. He epitomized the Fourth Estate--the press who holds the light on power so that we can all remain free.

> Peter Freyne Memorial 01-29-2009

> Does the Media Lie?
Sanders & Jeffords Question the Press 10/25/85
> Peter Freyne Interview with CCTV's LG Davitian 6/18/91
> Point Counterpoint - "3 STRIKES & YOU'RE OUT" 3/17/94
> Point Counterpoint - SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE 1/20/94
> Andy Potter and Peter Freyne Legislative Report & Election Preview 2/21/95
> Peter Freyne Talks about Channel 17 (with Chris Booth) 6/18/95
> Point Counterpoint Legislative Interviews (Final Season)

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