Vermont Primary Election Results 2018

August 16, 2018

As the first transgender candidate to win a major party nomination for state office, Christine Hallquist captured the Democratic nomination for Governor with 27,579 votes. Incumbent Governor Phil Scott secured his Republican primary win with 24,085 votes. Hallquist and Scott will be joined by six additional candidates in the General Election including Independents Trevor Barlow, Joseph Barnie, Cris Ericson, Charles Laramie, and Stephen Mark of the Earth Rights party, Emily Peyton, perennial Liberty Union candidate.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders was the top vote getter in the Democratic primary with 65,656 votes. He will run as an independent and face H. Brooke Paige (R) and seven other candidates in the general election: Folasade Adeluola (I), Russell Beste (I), Bruce Busa (I), Edward Gilbert Jr (I), Brad Peacock (I), John Svitavsky (I) and Reid Kane (Liberty Union). U.S. Congressman Peter Welch was the overwhelming Democratic primary favorite with 55,939 votes. He will is also challenged by H. Brooke Paige (R), Cris Ericson (I), and Laura Potter (Liberty Union).

Lt. Governor David Zuckerman (D) won the primary with 59,129 votes and is challenged in the General Election by Murray Ngoima (Liberty Union). State Treasurer Beth Pearce (D) received more than 58,000 votes and will face H. Brooke Paige (R) who is running for a variety of races and garnered 22,000 votes in the Republican primary.

Secretary of State Jim Condos (D) (58,947 votes) will run against Mary Alice Hebert of the Liberty Union party. State Auditor Doug Hoffer (D) with 55,845 votes will run against Marina Brown (Liberty Union). Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan (D) with 58,610 votes, faces H. Brooke Paige (R) and Rosemarie Jackowski (Liberty Union).

Chittenden County incumbent Democratic State Senators Tim Ashe, Virginia “Ginny” Lyons, Michael Sirotkin, Debbie Ingram and Chris Pearson compete with Republican primary winners Alex Farrell and Dan Maxfield. They are joined on the General Election ballot by Seth Cournoyer (Libertarian), Joshua Knox (Fair Representation VT), Louis Meyers (I), and Loyal Ploof (Libertarian).

Chittenden County House Seats: In Williston (Chittenden 2) Democrats Jim McCullough and Terry McCaig now run for re-election, contested by Joy Limoge (R) and Kathleen Orion (I). Incumbents George Till (D) and Trevor Squirrell (D) (Chittenden 3/Underhill/Jericho) run unopposed in November. Mike Yantachka (D) of Chittenden 4-1/ Hinesburg and Charlotte will be re-elected with no opposition. Sarah Toscana (R) will challenge long-time incumbent Bill Lippert (D) in Chittenden 4-2/ Hinesburg. Chittenden 5-1 & 5-2/ Shelburne incumbents Shelburne Kate Webb (D) and Jessica Brumsted (D) are unopposed. In Burlington’s New North End, Carol Ode (D) and Kurt Wright (R) are slated to return to the legislature for Chittenden District 6-1, as will Jean O’Sullivan (D) in District 6-2. In the Old North End (6-3), incumbents Kurt McCormack (D) and Jill Krowinski (D) will be unopposed along with Burlington Selene Colburn (D) and Brian Cina (D) for District 6-4. South End incumbents (6-5), Mary Sullivan (D) and Joey Donovan (D) are unopposed. Barbara Rachelson (D) for District 6-6 also returns to the Legislature in November. Diana Gonzalez (D) and Clem Bissonnette (D) face no opposition for Winooski’s (6-7) two House seats. In South Burlington, incumbents Martin Lalonde (D), Anne Pugh (D) and Maida Townsend (D) return for Districts 7-1,7-2 and 7-4. Newcomer John Killacky (D) has no opposition for Helen Head’s former seat in 7-3. In Essex Junction (7-5), newcomers Marybeth Redmond (D) and Tanya Vyhovsky (D) vye for two seats which presents a challenge to incumbent Linda Myers (R). Incumbents Lori Houghton (D) and Dylan Giambatista (D) face John Brennan (R) in a contest for Essex’s (7-6) two House seats. In Wesford-Essex (7-7), Robert Bancroft (R) is unopposed in November.

In other Chittenden County races, Sarah George (D) is uncontested for State’s Attorney in the general election. Incumbent Assistant Judge Charlie Delaney was defeated by newcomer Suzanne Brown (D) and incumbent Connie Ramsey (D) in the Democratic primary. They are uncontested for the General Election. Gregory Glennon (D) beat Bill Norful (D) and will be elected Probate Judge with no further contest. Kevin McLaughlin (D) held on to his Sheriff’s post despite Michael Major’s challenge. Incumbent Dan Gamelin (D) remains uncontested for High Bailiff. There will be no Republican candidates running for the Chittenden County-wide seats in the general election.

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