Burlington Narrows Down BT Purchasers

September 22, 2017
Burlington is winnowing down prospective purchasers for Burlington Telecom. The City Council will decide on October 16 with public meetings scheduled in the next few weeks. Review the proposals and share your comments.

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger on the Release of Bids in the BT Sale

September 21, 2017
“Years of hard work by community member volunteers on the BTAB, the Mayor and many on the City Council have put us in a place few thought we would ever reach when the magnitude of BT’s financial crisis became clear in 2009 – with an opportunity to recoup a substantial portion of the money taxpayers lost years ago, preserve for the long run the new BT’s ability to compete against Comcast or any other monopoly, finish the build out of our City so Burlington residents have an opportunity to enjoy the service it provides, and commit substantial new revenues to support the local tech economy, and to possibly retain a local voice through an equity stake in the ‘new’ BT.

Burlington City Council Updates Process for Sale of Burlington Telecom

September 18, 2017
Over the past two weeks, the Mayor and I have been working to craft a process forward for the sale of BT. We are here today to announce the result of that work, and to lay out the key elements of a process that is transparent, that provides for public participation, and that adds an independent review of the bidders and their proposals.

CCTV Archiving Intern - Fall of 2017

September 07, 2017

Channel 17/Town Meeting TV is seeking an archiving intern for the Fall of 2017.  Help us build a time machine! Term: Up to 20 hours/week.

Comcast Files Appeal Against The Vermont Access Network

August 30, 2017
In its continued fight against free speech and open networks, Comcast has filed a federal suit against the Vermont Public Utility Commission (Vermont PUC) for seeking to modernize public access and extend cable service in Vermont.

Comcast, Stop Bullying VT and Squandering Rate Payer Dollars

August 24, 2017
...it matters that Comcast is isolating Vermont with substandard technology. Comcast says that subscribers don’t want to pay extra for good quality (HD) access channels and that the interactive program guide is off limits to Vermont communities. Oddly enough, Comcast has agreed to provide all of these features in cities across the country, including Philadelphia and Seattle.

JOB OPENING: Channel 17 Field Producer

August 11, 2017

Channel 17 is hiring one part-time Field Producer to cover Chittenden County municipal meetings and public events to air on its government access TV channels and website (www.Ch17.TV). Meetings typically take place during evening hours with some weekend event coverage. Complete Job Description is available upon request.

Vermont Public Utility Commission Upholds Comcast Order and Certificate of Public Good Issued in January

August 01, 2017
The Vermont Access Network has worked on this case (Docket 8301) for nearly two years to ensure that public, educational and government (PEG) access remains relevant for the next eleven years, the term of Comcast’s next contract with the state. Lisa Byer, head of the VAN Regulatory Committee, applauds the Commission’s decision to stick with its Order

Burlington Telecom Warns of Federal Threat to Net Neutrality

July 13, 2017
Nearly every company and every household in Burlington buys internet access and there is overwhelming bipartisan support for keeping the internet free and open, including from Vermont Congressman Welch, as well as, Senators Sanders and Leahy. Despite this, the FCC is charging ahead with a plan to roll-back these crucial protections, giving large ISPs new controls over what customers see, hear, and do online.

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