Vermont First African Landing Day 08/28/2021

Vermont First African Landing Day - The Moonlighters 08/28/2021

Abolish Slavery Vermont Learning Session 04/07/2021

Vermont Racial Justice Alliance Learning Session 04/03/2021

Stopping Stones Dedication for Lavinia and Francis Parker 09/13/2020

Vermont Racial Justice Alliance - The Facts About Slavery in Vermont 11/20/2019

Education and Enrichment for Everyone: Abolitionists, Artists, and Farmers - How the Legacy of Rokeby Museum Continues to be Meaningful Today 09/20/2019

An Inside Look at Mass Incarceration 08/07/2019

Justice For All TV: 242 Years of Slavery in Vermont 01/31/2019

FOCUS: Human Trafficking - Its Context and Its Effect in Vermont Part 1 01/14/2019

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