Vermont Health Care Innovation Project: Session 2: Integrated Communities Care Management Learning Collaborative 11/17/2015

This learning session is Lauran Hardin, MSN, RN-BC, CNL, Director of Complex Care at Mercy Health in Grand Rapids, MI. Lauran is an inspiring leader with a passion for meeting the needs of people with complex health conditions. Among other honors, she has received an Innovation Grant from Trinity Health, and was awarded the National Clinical Nurse Leader Vanguard award from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in January 2015. Her presentation, “Preparing to Deliver Integrated Care Management Across Organizations,” will include information on identifying a lead care coordinator, conducting root cause analysis for people with complex needs, convening a cross-organization care team, and conducting care conferences.

The Integrated Communities Care Management Learning Collaborative supports participating communities in implementing promising interventions to improve cross-organizational care management. Throughout the year-long Learning Collaborative, there will be opportunities to share ideas with national experts, community leaders, front-line care management staff, state policymakers, and quality improvement facilitators.

Veterans Day: Conversations with WWII Veterans 11/11/2015

In recognition of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII and Veterans Day, please join us for a conversation and stories from WWII veterans living locally here in Vermont. During the event, veterans will discuss their military experiences as well as their return to civilian life after the war.

For More Info Visit: or call CCV-Winooski at 802-654-0505.

CCV serves more than 600 veterans and military-connected students each year, and is committed to honoring their service and providing essential services to meet their needs. The Veteran and Military Services team offers a range of support services, including professional tutoring, specialized career services, and access to VA Vet Center services. Enhanced services for military veterans at CCV are funded by the J. Warren and Lois McClure Foundation, Bari and Peter Dreissigacker, Dave Stiller, and the Vermont Community Foundation.

Municipal Updates: Winooski City Update 11/02/2015

The Winooski City Council normally meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

Winooski City Council 11/02/2015

The Winooski City Council normally meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

In the World of Winooski: Budget Process - Winooski Community Partnership 10/27/2015

Mayor Seth Leonard previews the Winooski Budget Process along with City updates, followed by a conversation with Winooski Community Partnership Board President Sarah Sears, and WCP Program Director Maura O'Neill, on the work of WCP, summer and fall events and what might be next for downtown Winooski. For more information:  or Follow on Facebook

Downtown Winooski on facebook and at

IEEE International Conference on the Edges of Innovation: Keynote Speakers Announces Competition to Produce Next-Generation Internet Apps 10/23/2015

2015 IEEE International Conference on the Edges of Innovation for Smarter Cities featuring Keynote speaker Mike Schirling and Steven Barraclough. The Executive Director of BTV Ignite announces a competition to produce next-generation internet apps.

IEEE offers an exceptional opportunity to interact with industry leaders, engineering experts, scientific experts, key actors and collaborators through multiple tracks that will present recent advances in subject areas that impact smarter cities. As Vermont’s economy continues to grow at a rate faster than that of the US economy as a whole, new challenges have motivated the need for a 2020 set of goals which will be explored during this inaugural conference. For a state with a small and largely rural population, Vermont has an impressive history of innovation. In the 1820s, the town of Windsor was the home of the modern machine shop. Today, Burlington ranks #2 of Business Insider’s list of the 20 most innovative cities in the US. Welcome to Burlington.

For More Info Visit: 

Envisioning Winooski's Transportation Future 10/22/2015

A Public Meeting seeking input on how to improve travel in and around Winooski.  Part of the Winooski Transportation Plan effort and sponsored by the City of Winooski and the CCRPC in collaboration with the Winooski Coalition for a Safe and Peaceful Community.  More information: and

Municipal Updates: Winooski City Update 10/19/2015

The Winooski City Council normally meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

Winooski City Council 10/19/2015

The Winooski City Council normally meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

Building a Vibrant, Inclusive Vermont 10/13/2015

The Campaign – “Thriving Communities: Building a Vibrant, Inclusive Vermont”

This effort is a comprehensive and multi-organizational statewide campaign to promote affordability and inclusiveness as a mainstay of flourishing communities across Vermont and beyond. Communities thrive financially and socially when they are welcoming and affordable to a wide variety of residents, people with assorted skills and backgrounds. A diverse range of residents helps drive local economies and enliven local business, arts, and culture. Such communities build economic vitality and resilience and help fulfill the promise of equal housing opportunity for all.

The presenters:

Ted Wimpey: Inclusiveness = Building Economically Thriving Communities

“The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s New AFFH rule may carry some “sticks,” but the “carrots” of building inclusive communities will be economically thriving and vital to towns and cities.”

Julie Campoli: Density Done Well

“Many people like the idea of having a corner store or café in their neighborhood. In housing surveys, homebuyers regularly express a preference for ‘shops within walking distance.’ But retail businesses need residents to survive.”

John Emmeus Davis: Diversity Done Well – Promoting Housing Choice

“Inclusive communities tend to have an equitable and sustainable mix of housing types, tenures, and prices. I will discuss various ways in which localities in Vermont and elsewhere have encouraged housing diversity in meeting the needs of their residents.”

More information:

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Vermont Nonprofits Take Up Responsible Digital Data Practices

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