Municipal Updates: Winooski City Update 06/28/2018

Winooski City Council Special Meeting 06/28/2018

Winooski Planning Commission: Winooski Planning Commission 06/28/2018

Community Works Institute - Students on Winooski 06/27/2018

In the World of Winooski: The Myers Pool, Housing Commission, and Master Plan Schedule 06/26/2018

Municipal Updates: Winooski City Update 06/18/2018

Winooski City Council 06/18/2018

Municipal Updates: Winooski City Update 06/04/2018

Winooski City Council 06/04/2018

In the World of Winooski: Summer Public Works and Streets Work Plan 05/22/2018

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Congressman Peter Welch's Letter to the FCC regarding potential changes to the cable act

Under the Communications Act, local governments can require, as part of cable franchise agreements that cable operators meet demonstrated community needs by setting aside channels for PEG stations. The proposal in this docket would allow operators to deduct from franchise fees paid to PEG stations the value of these channels as well as the value of any In-kind services they provide, including wiring schools for broadband. The resulting reduction in revenue could threaten the very existence of PEG stations and force local governments to choose between funding the stations or other vital services and institutions. Such an outcome is unacceptable.


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