Williston Development Review Board - 02/28/2017

The Williston DRB consists of a seven member Board appointed by the Selectboard for staggered three year terms. This Board is responsible for reviewing and approving all proposed development projects. This includes conditional use, variance, site plan, and subdivision approvals. The Board also reviews Certificates of Appropriateness as recommended by the Historical Preservation Committee.

Essex Junction Trustees - 02/28/2017

The Essex Junction Trustees is the governing, legislative body for the Municipality of the Village of Essex Junction. The five member board is elected at large within the Village. The board includes the position of Village President. The position of president and vice president are decided (appointed) through a vote of the board itself.  This was a function of a charter update at the 2010 annual meeting. The three year terms of the Trustees are staggered to provide continuity. The Trustees usually meet twice per month on Tuesday evenings in the meeting room at the Village municipal office building at Five Corners. The public is invited to attend all meetings, and may address the board or ask questions during a special “public to be heard” section at the beginning of each meeting.

TBD - 02/28/2017

Mayor Seth Leonard speaks with TBD

For more information: www.winooskivt.org or Follow on Facebook

Burlington City Council - 02/27/2017

The Burlington City Council meets on Mondays, often three times each month at 7pm. Their meetings air live on Channel 317 (Burlington Telecom) and repeat on Channel 17 at the air times listed below.

Black History and Anti-racism Work in Vermont - 02/27/2017

Host Beth Awhaitey interviews Mary Brown, President of the NAACP, and Rajnii Eddins, a spoken word artist, singer, and activist who works to make a difference in every life that crosses his. He has been performing poetry, engaging diverse audiences, and coaching young performers for more than 20 years.
Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show.

A Celebration of Black History - Interfaith Community - Solidarity Event - 02/26/2017

A Celebration of Black History - Interfaith Community - Solidarity Event.
Rev. Toussaint King Hill of Atlanta, Georgia.
Gospel Music: Montreal Gospel Choir.
This event is dedicated to the memory of the Late Leon Lawrence.
For more information visit The Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center at https://gbmrc.org/

Rights & Democracy Burlington City Council Candidates Panel - 02/24/2017

Rights & Democracy Burlington City Council Candidates Panel.
City Counsel Candidates include:
Abdullah Sall Confirmed (Abdullah Burlington)
Joan Shannon City Councilor 
Charles Winkleman for East District City Council 
Genese Grill for City Council
Richard Deane for Burlington City Council
Jane Knodell for Burlington City Council 
Charles Simpson VT

Burlington Ballot Items and Voter Information - 02/24/2017

Burlington Ballot Items and Voter Information with City Councilor Kurt Wright and Eileen Blackwood, esq.

Consciousness & Social Policy - 02/23/2017

Dr. Edwards Smith is a western and AyruVedic doctor and leading practitioner of transcendental mediation as a practice for personal resilience and community well-being. Dr. Smith served in active duty with the US Army Medical Corps, ran the Maharishi College of Vedic Medicine in Albuquerque and is widely published on subjects ranging from pharmacology and rheumatology to Transcendental Medication. Based on his experience with war veterans and community indicators of well-being, he believes that TM and TM-Shidhi programs are human resource based technologies that offer immense potential for the health care system of any country.

We will discuss his experience with TM and how it can be used to address some of Vermont's most vexing public issues.

Young Justice - 02/23/2017

Zach Rhoads, Author and Behavior Consultant, interviews Jim Shields, Director of the Big Picture Program at South Burlington High School and Addison White, Big Picture Program student.

Young Justice is a show concerned with issues surrounding children and education in Vermont. 

#BlackLivesMatter in the Trump Era - 02/23/2017

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor writes on black politics, social movements. and racial inequality in the United States. She is an assistant professor in the African American Studies department at Princeton University. According to Taylor, the Black Lives Matter movement has awakened a new generation of activists.  
In her recent book, "From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation," she offers a stirring and insightful analysis of the historical and contemporary ravages of racism and persistence of structural inequality, such as mass incarceration and Black unemployment. She argues that this new struggle against police violence holds the potential to reignite a broader push for Black liberation.

Sponsored by:

International Socialist Organization Burlington Chapter • United Academics • Toward Freedom • Global Justice Ecology Project • Will Miller Green Mountain Vets for Peace • UVM Sociology Department

Vermont Culinary Traditions - 02/22/2017

Vermont is nationally known for its strong food and farm heritage, dating back thousands of years. In this Dish discussion, we’ll explore the ways that our production of dairy products, maple syrup, and fruits and vegetables are similar to earlier times, as well as some recent innovations that are quite different. This program dives into Vermont’s culinary traditions to learn about the way people cooked and ate over the centuries, from indigenous Abenaki to European settlers. The program also explores what Vermonters are doing today to keep that culinary history alive, and how they are forging new traditions. Brought to you by City Market and the Intervale Center with special thanks to ArtsRiot.

Colchester Town Budget Presentation - 02/22/2017

Colchester Town Budget Presentation from the LCATV studio

Burlington Ward 4 and Ward 7 NPA Meeting - 02/22/2017

Neighborhood Planning Assemblies (NPAs) are grassroots, neighborhood organizations that were established in each of Burlington's seven Wards to empower citizen participation in City government. Working as neighborhood advocacy groups, Neighborhood Planning Assemblies facilitate communication between the citizens of Burlington and city government through regular meetings scheduled in each Ward. Wards 4 & 7 meet the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Meeting place: Robert E. Miller Community Center 130 Gosse Court.

Burlington School Board Forum - North District - 02/22/2017

Burlington School Board - North District candidates include Mark Barlow (Inc) and Helen Hossley.

Burlington School Board Forum - South, East and Central Uncontested Candidates - 02/22/2017

Burlington School Board - South District candidate Jeff Wick. 

Burlington School Board - East District candidate Kathy Olwell (Inc)

Burlington School Board - Central District candidate Ryan McLaren. 

South Burlington City Council - 02/21/2017

The South Burlington City Council is made up of 5 citizens who live in the City of South Burlington, elected at-large by the voters of the City. These five councilors sit with 2-3 year terms expiring in an annual rotation. The City Council meets regularly on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of each month to conduct business of the City and carry out the provisions of the City Charter. Special or emergency meetings can be called in the event that an urgent need arises for City Council authorization. City Council meetings are normally held at City Hall in the conference room and begin at 7pm.

Check the City's website for updated information: www.sburl.com

Burlington City Council Forum - North District - 02/21/2017

Burlington City Council Forum - North District with Dave Hartnett (D).

Moderated by Morgan True of VT Digger.

Williston Selectboard - 02/21/2017

The Williston Selectboard is a five member elected board. There are three positions elected for a three year term and two positions elected for a two year term on a staggered basis. The board is responsible for setting the general policy direction, passing ordinances, setting the tax rate, reviewing the budget, supervising the Town Manager, and a host of other related tasks.