All About Alzheimer's: Meeting the Challenges of Celebrations

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The holidays are a time when family and friends often come together. But for families living with Alzheimer's and other dementia, the holidays can be challenging. On our December All About Alzheimer's program, we will be discussing ways to plan and adjusted expectations so your celebrations can still be happy, memorable occasions.

Vermont Alzheimer's Association Executive Director, Martha Richardson will speak with guests Tara Graham of the Arbors at Shelburne and family care partner Dan Bouchard and his wife Karen Kelly to discuss common challenges during the holiday season and ways families can reduce stress to help make it a more joyful time.

· Hear strategies to adjust expectations and traditions during the holidays

· Hear ideas on how to prepare guests and family who may notice changes in their loved one
· Learn ways to recognize and reduce stress in caregivers and in those living with the disease

· Hear ways to involve loved ones living with Alzheimer's or dementia at home or at a care facility

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