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A day-long conference for attorneys, policy-makers, private citizens, educators, and others who want to explore First Amendment free expression rights in the digital age. Cable, satellite, wi-fi, cell phones, IM, Facebook, MySpace, e-mail, digital photos, tweeting, sexting, and cyberbullying. How does the First Amendment fit in a world transformed by technology? Even Benjamin Franklin — perhaps the most technologically sophisticated of all the framers of our Constitution — would likely have a hard time placing rights developed in the 18th century into the 21st century. Yet many of the issues underlying free thought and expression are not new, even though the means of transmission are.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2018-05-20
Format: 2018-05-20
Recent Developments in First Amendment Law, Episode 1 of 7 - 07/29/2009
*Dan Barrett, staff attorney, ACLU-VT The First Amendment hasn’t stood still as the nation’s been wired, hot-spots have been built, and friends have been invited to join Facebook accounts. Seven part series - American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU,...
Burlington Telecom & Al Jazeera, Episode 2 of 7 - 07/29/2009
Speech and other forms of expression are vibrant and dynamic in Vermont, thanks in part to technology as well as “edgy” youth culture. Could Burlington Telcom have censored the Al Jazeera-English channel by deleting it from cable offerings, as some...
Burton Snowboards, Episode 3 of 7 - 07/29/2009
What free speech issues were involved in the Burton Snowboard marketing campaign that relied on images found offensive by some critics? *Catherine Crump, National ACLU First Amendment Working Group attorney, will present the Burton Snowboard case....
Freedom in Cyberspace, Episode 4 of 7 - 07/29/2009
*Catherine Crump, National ACLU First Amendment Working Group attorney Do digital technologies make us more free or less free? Should speech and privacy protections be bent to the new realities of ubiquitous, instant forms...
Sexting, Episode 5 of 7 - 07/29/2009
What is it and why did the Legislature outlaw it? *Julie Kalish, attorney, Dartmouth College lecturer in writing Seven part series - American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, conference, Burlington, Vermont, 2009
Cyber-bullying, Episode 6 of 7 - 07/29/2009
*Bernard Lambek, attorney, partner in the law firm of Zalinger, Cameron & Lambek, P.C. Can schools punish students for conduct that occurs outside of school but — because of technology — may reach into the school? Seven part series - American...
Border Searches of Laptops, Episode 7 of 7 - 07/29/2009
*Dan Barrett, staff attorney, ACLU-VT Is any digital information safe from search and seizure when traveling, especially across an international border? Seven part series - American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, conference, Burlington, Vermont, 2009

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