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Ed Baker is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Alcohol/Drug Counselor with over 30 years’ experience in the Substance Use field. Join Ed in learning from individuals with extensive professional and personal experience related to all aspects of addiction, recovery, prevention, and policy.

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Format: 2018-02-22
Format: 2018-02-22
TBD - 03/23/2018
Statewide Drug Use Prevention - 02/23/2018
Jolinda LaClair, VT Director of Drug Abuse Prevention is the guest of Ed Baker on this month's Addiction Recovery Channel.
Safe Injection Facilities - 01/19/2018
Join Ed Baker for a revealing and informative interview with Sarah George, Vermont State’s Attorney for Chittenden County. Ms. George reflects upon her first year as State’s Attorney, what her lessons learned have been, and her...
Dr. John Brooklyn and the Neurobiology of Substance Use Disorder - 12/08/2017
Ed Baker sits down with Dr. John Brooklyn, noted innovator in the field of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Brooklyn is currently the Medical Director of the UVM Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Burlington, VT. Dr. Brooklyn has been a leader in research...
Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan - 11/09/2017
Take a close look at Attorney General Donovan’s positions on the opioid crisis we face in Vermont. In 2010, then State’s Attorney Donovan created the Rapid Intervention Community Court, an award-winning criminal justice program available...
One Young Man’s Story - 10/23/2017
Ed Baker’s guest on this Addiction Recovery Channel Show is Cliff Bauman. Cliff tells the story of how he developed the brain disease of addiction. He reveals the progression of this disease, and how in time it nearly destroyed his life and...
Medication-Assisted Treatment - 09/28/2017
Host Ed Baker discusses the use of Methadone and Buprenorphine with his guest Jason Goguen, an expert in medications for opioid use disorder. Together they clear up misunderstandings about the way these lifesaving medications work. They talk about...

Featured Story

Federal Judge Grants VT Access Network Status in Comcast Case Against the Public Utility Commission

Judge Geoffrey Crawford of the U.S. District Court has granted Vermont Access Network (VAN) intervenor status in Comcast’s challenge to the Vermont Public Utility Commission’s (PUC) Docket 8301 Order that put specific conditions on Comcast’s continued operation in Vermont.


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