Burlington School Commissioners


Jeanne Collins


School Board members, administrators and community members discuss issues and topics of the District.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2018-02-20
Format: 2018-02-20
The Making of the Budget - 01/07/2016
Miriam Stoll, South District School Commissioner, hosts District Superintendent Yaw Obeng for a discussion on how the Burlington School District Budget is being developed. For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
English Language Learning - 11/05/2015
Burlington School Commissioner Liz Curry (Ward 3) speaks with new English Language Learning Director Miriam Etesham-Cating on the function of and her approaches to the ELL Program. For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
Hosted by Commissioners - 10/01/2015
Burlington School Commissioner Susanmarie Harrington speaks with Superintendent Yaw Obeng. For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
Commissioner Liz Curry - 09/03/2015
 Ward 3 School Board Commissioner/Clerk Liz Curry speaks to the new year of school in the district.  For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
Commissioners Mark Porter and Stephanie Seguino - 06/04/2015
 Ward 1 School Commissioner and Commission Chair Mark Porter speaks with Ward 6 Commissioner Stephanie Seguino, on the new Superintendent and Diversity in the school district. For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
The Act of Teaching - 03/05/2015
School Board Chair Patrick Hallady speaks with Rebecca Haslam, Teacher at the Champlain School and Vermont Teacher of the Year, as well as Christina Norland, Music Teacher at Edmunds Elementary and alternate Vermont Teacher of the Year on the '...
Hosted by Various Commissioners - 11/06/2014
For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
Burlington School District Superintendent Search - 10/02/2014
Boar Chair Patrick Halladay speaks with Executive Director of Partnership for Change, Hal Colston on the district's search for a new superintendent. For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
Summer Opportunities Academics and Enrichment Project (SOAR) - 09/04/2014
Jim Drown, Director, BSD Summer SOAR Program and Christy Gallese, Extended Learning Director with the BSD, speak of the benefits of SOAR (Summer Opportunities Academics and enRichment) Program.  For more information visit the district web site...
School Issues - 08/07/2014
Patrick Halladay interviews Victor Prussack, Coordinator of Magnet Schools & K-8 Registration, about Burlington Magnet Schools.  For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
BHS Innovative Programs - 06/05/2014
 Ward 1 School Board member Keith Pillsbury is joined by BHS Principal Amy Mellencamp and others to discuss the innovative ongoing work at the high school (Year End Studies (YES) Program, Patnership for Change, etc...)  For more...
School Budget - 05/01/2014
 Ward 5 Commissioner and Chair, Patrick Halladay is joined by Miriam Stoll (W-5), Chair of the Finance Committee and Liz Curry (W-3) Clerk, to discuss the revised Burlington School District Budget.  For more information visit the district...
The Transformed Classroom - 04/03/2014
 Commissioner Meredith Woodward King speaks with Erika Lowe, BHS English Teacher and Partnership for Change Fellow and Jeffrey Tobrocke, Edmunds Middle School Assistant Principal on 'Transformed Classroom'.  For more information...
Strings at the Integrated Arts Academy - 03/06/2014
Integrated Arts Academy Principal, Bobby Riley, is joined by Jeanne Collins (District Superintendent), Rosina Cannizarro of Vermont Youth Orchestra, Jody Woos, Executive Director of Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival, Joe Cleary, Parent, and...
Augmented Reality - How Technology Enhances Learning at Edmunds Middle School - 01/02/2014
Keith Pillsbury (W1 Commissioner), Jeanne Collins (District Superintendent), are joined by two Edmunds Middle School teachers, Laura Botte and Valerie Lodish and several Edmunds students to discuss technology at Edmunds Middle School. For more...

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Federal Judge Grants VT Access Network Status in Comcast Case Against the Public Utility Commission

Judge Geoffrey Crawford of the U.S. District Court has granted Vermont Access Network (VAN) intervenor status in Comcast’s challenge to the Vermont Public Utility Commission’s (PUC) Docket 8301 Order that put specific conditions on Comcast’s continued operation in Vermont.


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