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Jeanne Collins


School Board members, administrators and community members discuss issues and topics of the District.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-10-26
Format: 2020-10-26
Proposed Regional School Calendar Changes - 09/05/2013
 School Board Chair Alan Matson, Ward 6, is joined by, Miriam Stoll, Ward 5 Board Member, and Superintendent Jeanne Collins to discuss proposed changes to the Regional School Calendar. For more information visit the district web site:  www...
Budget Process - 08/01/2013
 School Board commissioner Keith Pillsbury (Ward 1) is joined by David Larcombe, Director of Finance. For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
Year-end Studies Program - 06/06/2013
 School Board Commissioner Linda Delikuka (W7) is joined by Jeanne Collins and BHS teachers Gretchen Muller, Biology and Colby Skoglund, Design Technology, to discuss the 'year-end studies program'. For more information visit the...
School Facilities and Security - 05/02/2013
Board Chair Alan Matson (W6) speaks with Ward 4 Commissioner Bernie O'Rourke, Chair of the Infrastructure and Technology Committee, and Joel Fitzgerald, Co-Director of Facilities, about the district facilities and security. For more information...
Graduate Expectations at BHS through Partnership for Change - 04/04/2013
Commissioner Keith Pillsbury (Ward 1), and Jeanne Collins, Superintendent, speak with Jill Jacobelli, Partnership for Change Fellow; Family-School Partnerships and Sarah Bertucci, Partnership for Change Fellow; Personalized, Proficiency-Based...
Kindergarten Registration - 03/07/2013
Board Chair Keith Pillsbury and Jeanne Collins, Superintendent, speak with SA Principal Brian Williams, IAA Principal Bobby Riley talking about their magnet schools.  Joining the conversation is Magnet School Coordinator, Victor Prussack,...
FY 14 Draft Budget Proposal - 01/03/2013
Draft Budget Proposal for FY 14 with Alan Matson, Finance Chair, Jeanne Collins, Superintendent, and David Larcombe, Budget Specialist. For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
Burlington Kids After School Program - 12/06/2012
Host Keith Pillsbury, Board Chair, Ali Dieng-Burlington Kids Outreach Coordinator, Miles Ewell-Burlington Kids Site Director at SA, and Jeff Fournier-Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities discuss the Burlington Kids program, share highlights...
Partnership for Change in Burlington Schools - 11/01/2012
Host Keith Pillsbury and Superintendent Jeanne Collins are joined by Dov Stucker, Outreach Director for Burlington Schools. For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
Burlington School District Community Dialogue on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - 10/23/2012
Burlington School Board’s Committee on Diversity and Equity engages the community in a dialogue to guide the direction of the School District’s efforts on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Thet School Board of Commissioners has moved...
Back to School 2012 - 09/06/2012
Host Keith Pillsbury and Superintendent Jeanne Collins. For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
Community Partnerships in the Burlington Schools - 07/05/2012
Host Keith Pillsbury and Superintendent Jeanne Collins talk with community partners Vicki Smith of King Street Center, Leisa Pollendar of Sarah Holbrook Center and Mary Alice McKenzie of Boys and Girls Club about after school and summer...
Diversity: Our Gift, Our Future - 06/07/2012
Hosted by Ward 1 Commissioner Kathy Chasan. Joining Kathy is Dan Balon, Director of the District's Diversity and Equity Office, Amy Mellencamp, Burlington High School Principal, and Superintendent Jeanne Collins.  For more information visit...
English Language Learning Services - 05/03/2012
Hosted by Ward 1 Commissioner Keith Pillsbury. Joining Keith is  Linda Walsleben, ELL Coordinator, Superintendent Jeanne Collins, and Ward 5 Commissioner, Paul Hochanadel.  For more information visit the District web site:  www.bsdvt....
Family School Partnership - 04/05/2012
Host Ward 1 Commissioner Keith Pillsbury speaks with Kathy Mathis, Family School Partnership Coordinator and Superintendent Jeanne Collins on family school partnerships.  Joining them are Susan Woods, parent at Sustainability Academy; Kim Ann...