CCTV Goes to Washington 1986



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Format: 2020-08-07
Format: 2020-08-07
Conversation with Liz Slater, Jeffords Press Secretary - 05/20/1986
Conversation with Liz Slater, Jeffords' Press Secretary
D.C. Raw Video #1 - C-SPAN 1/2 - 05/20/1986
D.C. #1 - C-SPAN #1: Conversations with C-SPAN staff members: Lamb interviewing ??? [some studio cutaways] (1:10), Tim Donborough, Video Promotions Coordinator and a Rutland native (10 mins), Ellen ?? 13 mins), Carrie Collins, Executive Producer (11...
D.C. Raw Video #2 - C-SPAN 2/2, and White House - 05/20/1986
D.C. #2, C-SPAN #2 -  Conversations with Brian Lamb (25 mins) and Mike Michaelson (36 mins).  White Press interview with Johanna Neuman (54 mins), press room cutaways, cameras, people, chair nameplates....
D.C. Raw Video #3 - White House, Hunger PC, de la Garza, Leahy, Jeffords Day 1/3 - 05/20/1986
D.C. #3 - White House cutaways, inside and out (17 mins); Leahy interview (23 mins); Jeffords Day 1/3: staff meeting (14 mins), tunnel subway, Hunger press conference (30 mins), Agriculture Cmte. meeting, Kika de la Garza, Kerr interview #1 (5 mins).

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