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The Ethan Allen Homestead hosts many educational programming opportunities. For a comprehensive listing, visit their website at email: phone: 802.865-4556

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-03-19
Format: 2019-03-19
Living like Original Vermonters of the Winooski - 03/17/2019
For thousands of years, First Inhabitants of Vermont lived in harmony with nature, utilizing hundreds of plants and fungi unknown to most people today for food and medicine. Mike Ather of will explain how we can use these same...
African American Slave Biographies from the Canadian Maritimes - 02/17/2019
UVM professor Harvey Amani Whitfield discusses his latest book, the first on slavery in the Maritimes and a startling corrective to the enduring and triumphant narrative of Canada as a land of freedom at the end of the Underground Railroad.
The Turbulent Sons of the Revolution - 11/18/2018
Former NY Times bureau chief and visiting professor at Dartmouth College Christopher Wren discusses his latest book on the Green Mountain Boys focusing on the role they played during the Revolutionary War and in Vermont’s formative years.
The Shays' Settlement Project - 09/16/2018
Archeologist, educator, and writer Steve D. Butz presents on the settlement founded in Vermont by Daniel Shays upon his fleeing Massachusetts in 1787. This lost piece of American history was not rediscovered until April 2013. The ruins of Daniel...
Lake Champlain Key to Liberty - 07/15/2018
Join Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s Archaeological Director, Chris Sabick, as he presents on the "Past, Present and Future Underwater Archaeology of the American Revolution." He shares information on the ongoing and future research...
So You Want to Write Historical Fiction? - 04/15/2018
“So You Think You Want to Write Historical Fiction: It’s Not for the Faint of Heart” Join Angela Moody, author of No Safe Haven, in a discussion of the art and process of writing historical fiction. Historical fiction is a beloved...
A History Tour of Fort Ethan Allen with William Parkinson - 03/18/2018
The century-long history of Fort Ethan Allen is an important part of Vermont’s heritage. Through stories and photos, this presentation offers a fascinating look at the regiments, buildings, and people involved in the Fort’s military and...
An Extraordinary Ordinary Woman - The Journal of Phebe Orvis - 02/18/2018
St. Michael’s College professor Susan Ouellette discusses the amazing journal of a woman whose diary captures not only the everyday life of an ordinary woman in early nineteenth-century Vermont and New York, but also the unusual happenings of...
The Role of Local Militias in the Revolutionary War - 01/21/2018
Award-winning author of books on American military history, Robert Grandchamp, challenges your perception of the role the common American helped play in the American Revolution.
Remembering the Battle of Fort Anne - Reevaluating the Battle's Role in the Revolutionary War - 11/19/2017
Archaeologist and author Michael Jacobson summarizes recent historical and archaeological research that has shed new light on the Revolutionary War Battle of Fort Anne and its role in the Burgoyne Campaign of 1777.
Vermont Election Sermons - 10/15/2017
For 60 years, the best preachers of Vermont gave their best sermons on the day of General Election. Lawyer/historian Paul Gillies will examine the sermons, and the ministers who gave them, against the backdrop of Vermont’s struggle for...
The Archeology of the Burlington Intervale - 09/17/2017
State Archaeologist Jess Robinson presents an overview of the Burlington Intervale area from the earliest documented human presence, approximately 4,000 years ago, through to the early historic Euro-American occupants of the area. A question and...
Unshackling America: How the War of 1812 Truly Ended the American Revolution - 08/20/2017
Unshackling America challenges the persistent fallacy that Americans fought two separate wars of independence. Willard Sterne Randall documents an unremitting fifty-year-long struggle for economic independence from Britain overlapping two armed...
The Homestead After Ethan - 07/16/2017
Ethan Allen died on February 12th, 1789, leaving behind his wife and children. The story of his Homestead does not end there, however. Legal battles, world events, and family dynamics colored the lives of the inhabitants of the Ethan Allen Homestead...
Ethan Allen in His Own Words - 06/25/2017
Using excerpts from Ethan’s writings, Jim Hogue makes a case that Ethan’s vision for Vermont was that of a sovereign state where reason and science would find a welcome, and where international trade and cultural exchange would bring...

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