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The Ethan Allen Homestead hosts many educational programming opportunities. For a comprehensive listing, visit their website at email: phone: 802.865-4556

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Format: 2021-12-03
Format: 2021-12-03
Vermont, Quebec, and Irish Independence - 09/26/2021
Liam McKone presents aspects of restoring independence to Ireland focused on Vermont and Quebec. These include Ira Allen’s arms deal in 1796, Vermont’s safe haven for the Patriote movement in 1837, and the Fenian Brotherhood’s...
Northern Vermont in the American Revolution - 08/15/2021
Having written two books, Franklin County author, teacher and historian Jason Barney shares his most recent research for his third book, entitled, Northern Vermoint in the American Revolution. With the 250th Anniversary of the Revolution approaching...
Sketching Burgoyne’s Campaign - 07/18/2021
Friederich Von Germann was a Hessian Captain, one of many German auxiliaries hired by King George III during the American Revolution. He arrived in the colonies in 1775 and was present at Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga. During the war, he...
The Life and Commercial Art of Rachael Robinson Elmer - 06/07/2021
Join Rokeby Museum Director Lindsay Houpt-Varner for an in-depth discussion of the Museum’s seasonal exhibit A Modern Artist: The Commercial Art of Rachael Robinson Elmer. Elmer’s (1878-1919) career began at Rokeby under the tutelage of...
Preachers Behaving Badly - Religious Scandal in Early Vermont - 05/16/2021
Vermont was home to several religious communities across the spectrum. Join us as Shelby Balik from the Metropolitan State University of Denver presents on the religious communities in early Vermont and some of their documented scandals.
The Woodland Period in Vermont - 04/18/2021
Join us as Jess Robinson, the Vermont State Archaeologist, shares some of the newest findings about the Woodland Period (3,000 - 400 years before the present) with a description of various sites and some of the interesting things found there!
Historical Treasures in the Vermont State Archives - 03/21/2021
The Vermont State Archives are a valuable resource for researchers and historians. They contain documents and items that tell a lot about the history of the state. They also contain interesting items and stories that don't often see the light of...
The Revolutionary Gunboat “Spitfire” - 02/21/2021
Susan Evans McClure, the Executive Director of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, shares the story of Benedict Arnold's gondola, "The Spitfire", which was sunk by the British at the Battle of Valcour Island. Susan discusses the ship...
The Old East End of Burlington - 01/17/2021
Dave Cawley presents the history of the Old East End of Burlington, a neighborhood that connected not only through land ownership, but by family ties, farming, mill enterprises, and religious connections.
The Jagged Edge of Progress - 11/15/2020
Dr. Elise Guyette presents a hard hitting update on the lives of some of the people highlighted in her 2010 book, "Discovering Black Vermont," the story of three generations of free blacks trying to build a life and community in northern...
Vermont’s Ebenezer Allen - Patriot, Commando, and Emancipator - 10/18/2020
Glenn Fay is a seventh-generation Vermonter and was an educator for many years as an adjunct professor at UVM and a chemistry teacher at CVU High School in Hinesburg. He became hooked on primary source research related to the American Revolution and...
The Life of Alexander Twilight - 09/20/2020
Bob Hunt from the Old Stone House Museum in Brownington discusses the achievements of the first African American to earn a college degree in the United States (Middlebury College) as well as his contributions to Vermont.
The Rebel and the Tory - Ethan Allen, Philip Skene, and the Dawn of Vermont - 08/16/2020
Historian Gary Shattuck discusses the Pre-Revolutionary efforts of Philip Skene and Ethan Allen to form a British colony focusing on the shores of Lake Champlain. 
Revolutionary Westminster, Vermont - 04/14/2020
The Westminster Massacre was a tragic occurrence that resulted from mistrust, partisan differences, and economic challenges. Learn more as Jessie Haas of the Westminster Historical Society shares her research into this event, which occurred only a...
The Boston Massacre - Propaganda and the Politics of Anti-British America - 03/27/2020
Professor Susan Ouellette from St. Michael's College.