Legislative Report


Bill Aswad


Representatives Johannah Donovan (D) and Mary Sullivan (D) , both of Chittenden 6-5, share insights into Legislative issues.

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Format: 2020-06-04
Format: 2020-06-04
Representative Jean O'Sullivan - 07/16/2018
Hosts Joey Donovan (D) and Mary Sullivan (D) speak with Representative Jean O'Sullivan (D) about recent legislative bills passed, including the legalization of recreational marijuana as of July 1.
Vermont State Employees Association - 06/18/2018
This week's guest is Steve Howard, Executive Director of the Vermont State Employees Association.
End of Session Wrap-Up - 05/21/2018
Representatives Joey Donovan and Mary Sullivan are joined by Representative Jill Krowinski to discuss the end of the Vermont legislative session. For more information: www.legislature.vermont.gov
Legislative Update - Gun Safety, Clean Water, Minimum Wage, and Drugs - 04/16/2018
Mary Sullivan and Jean O'Sullivan round up recent activities in the Vermont Legislature including the S.40 gun bill, the S.260 water bill, a bill for an increase in the minimum wage, a bill involving the wholesale importation of...
Legislative Report - 03/19/2018
Representatives Johannah Donovan (D) and Mary Sullivan (D) , both of Chittenden 6-5, share insights into Legislative issues.
The 2018 Vermont Legislative Session - 01/15/2018
Mary Sullivan and Joey Donovan bring in the usual roundup of Vermont affairs as they are addressed in the state legislature.
Energy Policy in Montpelier - 12/18/2017
Joey Donovan and Mary Sullivan bring in Neale Lunderville to discuss the frontier of energy policy in Vermont's state legislature.
Vermont Conservation Voters - 11/20/2017
Hosts Mary Sullivan and Joey Donovan, Chittenden District Representatives, interview Vermont Conservation Voters Director Lauren Hierl about her group's work throughout the state to pass environmentally sound legislation. For more information on...
Governor's Marijuana Commission - 10/16/2017
Chittenden County Representative Joey Donovan sits down with Jake Perkinson of Vermont Governor Phil Scott's Marijuana Commission to address changing attitudes and legalities around cannabis.
Lobbying in Montpelier - 09/18/2017
Amy Shollenberger joins Vermont Representative Johannah Donovan to talk about current lobbying efforts and the issues they are working on.
House Democratic Leader Jill Krowinski - 08/21/2017
Hosts Joey Donovan and Mary Sullivan speak with House Majority Leader Jill Krowinski about the solar eclipse and climate change, gender neutral bathrooms, and their experiences with recent and past conferences, among many other topics.
Energy Independent Vermont - 07/17/2017
Host Mary Sullivan speaks with Tom Hughes of Energy Independent Vermont. For more information: http://www.energyindependentvt.org/
Democratic Representative Jean O'Sullivan - 06/19/2017
Johannah Donovan (D) and Mary Sullivan (D), both of Chittenden 6-5, speak with House Representative Jean O'Sullivan of Chittenden 6-2 about the Governor's veto of the Vermont budget, the proposed changes to school health insurance, and the...
Legislative Wrap-Up - 04/17/2017
Representatives (Chittenden 6-5) Joey Donovan and Mary Sullivan discuss the wrapping up of the Legislative Session, including the carbon income tax, fossil fuels, renewable energy, and many other topics.
Tax Reform - 03/20/2017
Host Joey Donovan speaks with Stephanie Yu, of the Public Assests Institute, about tax reform. For more info visit: http://publicassets.org/