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Channel 17 offers Live at 5.25PM as an opportunity for community members and public officials to discuss issues of local concern. Many of the Live programs have regular series titles. This series includes not regularly scheduled live show programming. To appear in this time slot contact Rob Reiber at

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-07-04
Format: 2020-07-04
Planned Parenthood of Northern New England - 08/03/2012
Nick Carter and Jill Krowinski share information about Planned Parenthood of Northern New England's VT Access Plan in addition to the Safety Zone which the Burlington City Council recently passed and ordinance for.
Lake Champlain Committee - 08/01/2012
Lori Fisher, Executive Director of the Lake Champlain Committee and Mike Winslow, LCC staff scientist share insights into Lake Champlain water quality issues.
The 'Y' Connection - Summer Events - 07/25/2012
Jan Riordan, Vice President of YMCA Healthy Living speaks with Julie Longfellow, Director of Marketing for NorthCountry Federal Credit Union, and Bill Boldwin, Director of Golf at Catamount Country Club, on the variety of events the 'Y' is...
Burlington Code Enforcement - 06/29/2012
Bill Ward, Director of Burlington Code Enforcement, speaks with staff on the challenges and successes of their job.
Greater Burlington Y - Community Connection - 06/25/2012
Host Jan Riordan, Vice President of Healthy Living for the Y, talks with Susan Marx, Diabetes Prevention Program Coordinator, about a new Diabetes Prevention Program offered through the Y.  Barbara Mentzer, Northwestern Medical Center, and...
Building a Staff Union at UVM - 06/01/2012
Darren Allen, Communications Director with NEA hosts 3 USU-NEA Leadership Team Members.  Paul Chapman, and Michele Patenaude.  University Staff Union-NEA is working hard to ensure all staff have a voice about our pay, benefits and working...
Addressing Homelessness in Chittenden County - Vermont Interfaith Action Studio Show - 05/31/2012
Karin Davis and Rachel Kauppila of Vermont Interfaith Action lead a discussion on homelessness in Chittenden County.  More information on VIA can be found at:
CCTV's Annual Holiday Party - 12/15/2011
Channel 17/CCTV Annual Holiday Party.
BTV Bicycle Cluster - 10/25/2011
BTV Bicycle Cluster is a group of Burlington area businesses, organizations, and individuals that works to advance the region's bike economy and foster healthier, more sustainable living by advocating for bike-friendly policies, programs and...
Vermont Migrant Farmworkers - 09/27/2011
Host Nick Carter speaks with Danilo Lopez, farmworker volunteer and part of the Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project (Justicia Migrante). Interpretor Julian Portilla, VTMFSP volunteer.  Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity...
Vermont Works for Women - Step-Up to Law Enforcement - 08/23/2011
Hosted by Bekah Mandell, Program Coordinator, Vermont Works for Women with Rachel Jolly, Director of Women’s Programs, Vermont for Women Officer Sue Roberts, UVM Police Department in a discussion on the opportunities for women in the...
Bilingual Burlington - 08/16/2011
Host Nick Carter with guests Steve Norman talk about Alliance Francaise of Burlington and the recent city council resolution approving encouragements for local business and organizations in Burlington to be more French speaker friendly.
Local Musician and Youth Leader 'Cadoux Fancy' - 08/08/2011
Host Mike Jerome speaks with Cadoux Dzingou on his recent music video and trip to Chicago for a National Youth Leadership Conference. 
Vandalism in Parks - 07/26/2011
Old North End resident and concerned citizen, Michael Jerome talks about vandalism in Burlington parks.
Burlington Budget Summit Preview - 05/24/2011
 Lea Terhune and others share the agenda for the All Ward neighborhood Planning Assemblies 'Burlington Budget Summit' on June 1st, 7pm at Contois Auditorium.

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