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Format: 2019-08-21
Format: 2019-08-21
Across the Abyss - Changing the Muslim-Jewish Relationship - 04/22/2018
Ohavi Zedek Synagogue invites you to an extraordinary afternoon with scholars Imam Abdullah Antepli and Yossi Klein Halevi as they present "Across the Abyss: How a former anti-semite and a former Jewish extremist are changing the Muslim-Jewish...
Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger - 10/19/2017
Miro Weinberger speaks about his policies and work as Burlington's mayor at the Ohavi Zedek lunchtime program.
Connecting Communities With Police - 01/19/2017
Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo discusses accountability, transparency, and communication as he shares his background and his personal philosophy of policing.
Why Are We Repeating a Sordid Chapter in American History? - 10/20/2016
“'America Firsters’ of 1939 and Trump’s ‘America First’ Movement in 2016: Why Are We Repeating a Sordid Chapter in American History?” by speaker Howard Ball, UVM Professor Emeritus of Political Science and...
The Election of 2016 and the Future of the American Presidency - 05/19/2016
A presentation by William F. Grover on presidential politics and the American election of 2016.
Dr. Anna Hajkova on the "Children of Terezin" - 03/17/2016
A presentation prepared and presented by Dr. Anna Hajkova, Professor of Modern Continental History at the University of Warwick, UK, in connection with the Theatre Kavanagh production of Brundibar. Brundibar was performed in Burlington, VT, over the...

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Alliance for Community Media says FCC Cable Vote Will Harm Local Media

The proposed rules would allow cable companies to assign market values to these benefits and then charge the amount back to local communities in most cases. Benefits include items like free cable subscriptions to schools, discounts for the elderly, and fiber connectivity to local government buildings like police departments, fire stations, and libraries.


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