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Programming produced by or submitted to Channel 17 about the Lake Champlain Quadricentennial and related shows and events.

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Format: 2018-05-24
Format: 2018-05-24
Quadricentennial- History Riddle Mystery - 09/27/2009
The culmination of Chittenden County'S Historical Societies' Quadricentennial Event. Participants in the 'History Mystery' are awarded prizes for their reposnses to 18 riddles – one for each community in Chittenden County....
Quadricentennial Birch Bark Canoe Flotilla - 07/14/2009
As part of the Quadricentennial celebrations, a fleet of birch bark canoes will paddle to the Burlington waterfront on July 14, 2009, the exact anniversary of Champlain’s arrival to the lake.  
Opening Ceremony for the Lake Champlain Quadricentennial - 07/02/2009
Opening Ceremony for the Lake Champlain Quadricentennial .
Lake Champlain: An Illustrated History - 05/27/2009
Host Kathleen Swanson talks with Bill Harvey about the book "Lake Champlain: An Illustrated History." For more information about the book go to www.lakechamplainbook.com.
Burlington International Waterfront Festival - Press Conference - 04/08/2009
Mayor Bob Kiss, filmmaker and festiveal producer Jay Craven, BCA Director Doreen Craft and others announce details about the Burlington International Waterfront Festival, July 2014, part of the State of Vermont's Quadricentennial Celebration.        

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