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Save Open Space Burlington (SOS-B) is a citizens group organizing around a vision of publicly owned, accessible, interconnected green spaces in the city. More information at

Programs in this Series

Format: 2018-05-24
Format: 2018-05-24
TBD - 06/19/2018
Cheaper, Greener & Safer: Meet the Pine Street Coalition - 04/17/2018
Andy Simon and his guests Tony Redington, Steve Goodkind, and Ib Nar discuss the challenge, announced last week, to the current design for the Champlain Parkway.
Lessons from the Campaign - 03/21/2018
Andy Simon hosts a roundtable discussion with Emma Redden, Eric Maier, and Parker Beaupré about their work on the recent Infinite for Mayor campaign in Burlington, Vermont. More info: | www.coalitionforalivablecity....
Eyes on the Rise: Cambrian Watch - 08/15/2017
Andrew Simon speaks with AJ Rossman, of Cambrian Watch, and Tony Redington, from the Pine Street Coalition. More info:  ...
Fearless Cities/Ciudades sin Miedo - 06/20/2017
Andy Simon of SOS-B recieves a report back from Ibnar Avilix Stratibus and Genese Grill regarding the Fearless Cities/Ciudades sin Miedo conference in Barcelona, Spain. More info:   www.coalitionforalivablecity....
Coalition for a Livable City - 06/21/2016
Hosts Andy Simon and Ruby Perry speak with Dr. Genese Grill and Amey Radcliffe (Gotham City Graphics), both South End artists and members of the Coalition for a Livable City, about Design for a Livable City. More info:
New Park, Old Problems: Update on the former BC land - 04/19/2016
Andy Simon and Ruby Perry, both of Save Open Space-Burlington (SOS-B), discuss New Park, Old Problems: Update on the former BC land with Charles Simpson, of the Coalition for a Livable City. More info:  www...
Burlington Development: The View from Lake Champlain - 12/15/2015
Andy Simon and Ruby Perry, both of Save Open Space-Burlington (SOS-B), speak with Mike Winslow, Staff Scientist for The Lake Champlain Committee. More info: www.southendalliance....
Making Connections - 10/20/2015
Andy Simon and Ruby Perry, both of Save Open Space-Burlington (SOS-B), speak with Ibnar Avilix of the South End Alliance, and Charles Simpson of the Super Alliance.
Development, Brownfields, Urban Living - 08/04/2015
Ibnar Avilix of the South End Alliance and Save Open Space-Burlington, sspeaks with Hazardous Site Manager with the Agency of Natural Resources, Hugo Martinez Cazón on the the 'Leddy Park Pile', Brownfiled clean-up and other develpment...
Perspectives on the Burlington College Land - 07/07/2015
 Andy Simon, South End resident and member of Save Open Space-Burlington, speaks with Ruby Perry, Organizer with Save Open Space-Burlington, July Sanders, ONE resident and member of Burlington Progressive Party, and Martha Molpus, Ward 4/7 NPA...

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