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Format: 2020-04-05
Format: 2020-04-05
With Long-Time Burlington Resident Jerry Snyder - 01/27/2020
Hosts Bill Keogh and Joey Donovan are joined by long-time Burlington resident Jerry Snyder.
Burlington Trivia with Jane Merola McKenzie - 12/19/2019
Hosts Bill Keough and Joey Donovan are joined by guest Jane Merola McKenzie to discuss Burlington trivia.
With Bob Blanchard - 10/29/2019
Host Bill Keogh is joined by Bob Blanchard, founder of the website Burlington Area History. Bob is SO good. He cannot be stumped.
Former State Representative Tom Little - 08/15/2019
Tom Little joins hosts Bill Keogh and Joey Donovan on this episode of Stump The Chumps.
Local Politics and Furniture Stores with Mark Kaplan - 06/07/2019
Mark Kaplan joins hosts Bill Keogh and Joey Donovan to talk about his local politics and try to remember the local furniture stores.
Burlington Trivia with Bunny Basaillon - 04/05/2019
Hosts Bill Keogh and Joey Donovan sit down with Bunny Basaillon, a former multi-sport athlete at Burlington High School, and Chuck Avery, a local trivia expert.
The Chittenden County Historical Society - 01/13/2019
Stump the Chumps is on the road for a live-audience edition with the Chittenden County Historical Society.
Peter and Eleanor Clavelle - 11/19/2018
Bill Keogh and Joey Donovan are joined by former mayor Peter Clavelle and his mother Eleanor Clavelle for another episode of Stump the Chumps.
Charlie's Boathouse - 08/14/2018
Bill Keogh and Joey Donovan are joined by Charlie Auer, owner of Charlie's Boathouse, for another episode of Stump The Chumps.
Pete Carney & David Hershberg - 06/21/2018
Bill Keogh is joined by two Burlington merchants to answer tough questions on Burlington's days-gone-by, like the name of a local family which ran a grocery store on Church Street. Pete Carney, of Hayes & Carney, was a men's clothier for...
Old North End Memories - 04/10/2018
Our special guest is Gary Gile, who grew up in the Old North End. What were the outdoor games he played with neighboring kids? Kick-the-can? Red rover, red rover? Hide-and-seek? Call in your questions about the old, fun days of Burlington and Stump...
Who Doesn't Know Frank Washington? - 01/09/2018
Hosts Bill Keogh and Joey Donovan invite Frank Washington, who grew up in the shadow of the Channel 17 studios, onto this episode of Stump the Chumps! The three of them discuss Burlington Families "with all those kids."
Yuletide Reminiscences - 12/21/2017
Bill Keogh and Joey Donovan celebrate the holiday season reminding viewers of Christmases past.
Halloween Pranks of Yore - 10/31/2017
Bill Keough reminisces with Joey Donovan and Ken Spagnuolo about Halloween pranks of yesteryear in the Burlington, Vermont area.

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Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger Offers City Resources in response to Covid 19 Pandemic

Burlington Resource & Recovery Center: On Monday, March 23, we launched the Burlington COVID-19 Resource & Recovery Center, or RRC. The RRC's function is to provide relief to the economic disruption of COVID-19. If you are a renter worried about housing security, a business owner seeking access to federal assistance, a person experiencing homelessness who needs shelter, a Burlingtonian looking for information about City taxes and fees during this time or the federal aid that is coming, or someone looking to volunteer safely, you can get a 1-1 (remote) consult at the RRC and find many resources on the website. For more information, call (802) 755-7239 or go to the City website:


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