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Municipal candidates and ballot questions are aired for public reflection.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-09-23
Format: 2019-09-23
Essex Selectboard Candidates Forum - 02/10/2017
Essex Selectboard Forum with Max Levy (Incumbent), Andy Watts (Incumbent), and Mona Sheppard.  Moderated by Lauren-Glenn Davitian.
Winooski Budget & Ballot Presentation - 02/09/2017
Winooski Budget & Ballot Presentation with Seth Leonard, Mayor and Ray Coffey, Acting City Manager. Moderated by Diane Meyerhoff.
Winooski City Council Candidates Forum - 02/09/2017
Winooski City Council Candidates Forum with Robert Millar (Incumbant), Nicole Mace (Incumbant) and Eric Covey. Moderated by Diane Meyerhoff.
Winooski School Budget Presentation - 02/08/2017
Winoooski School Budget Presentation with Sean McMannon, Superintendent, Winooski School District and Board Chair Mike Decarreau, Winooski School Board. Moderated by Lauren-Glenn Davitian.
Burlington Democratic Party Caucus - 01/12/2017
The Burlington Democratic Party city-wide Nominating Caucus at the Edmunds Middle School Cafeteria. At this caucus, the Burlington Democratic Party nominates candidates for City Council for the North, East, Central & South Districts, Ward Clerks...
Village of Essex Junction Budget and Ballot Presentation - 03/29/2010
Village Manager David Crawford and Trustees present the budget and articles to be voted on by Village residents during the 2010 Annual Meeting.
Essex Town Meeting - 03/01/2010
Essex Town Meeting is held at the Essex Community Education Center.  For the Town Meeting warning, visit the Essex website.
Colchester Town Meeting - 03/01/2010
Colchester Town Meeting
One Person, One Vote Press Conference on "Outside" Money - 02/25/2010
Speaking on the issue of "outside' money influencing the IRV Burlington Ballot Issue (#5) is Dave Hartnett, John Ewing, and Sandy Baird.
2010 Winooski Write-in School Board Candidate Bob Dimasi - 02/23/2010
School Board write-in Candidate Bob Dimasi, running for Winooski School Board 3-year seat against Jennifer Corrigan.
50% Matters Press Conference: Governor Howard Dean Announces Opposition to Question 5 - 02/22/2010
“50% Matters” is a grassroots organization led by campaign manager Helen Hossley from the New North End of Burlington, with Burlington-based co-chairs Rep. Jason P. Lorber and Rep. Mark Larson. In this press conference, former Vermont governor...
Burlington City Council Candidates, Ward 2 - 02/19/2010
Candidates David Berezniak (D) and Jonathan Leavitt (P) vie for this 2-year City Council Seat.
IRV Up or Down - Instant Runoff Voting Debate - 02/18/2010
On March 2, Burlington voters will decide whether the city should continue using Instant Runoff Voting to elect the mayor. To help you get a handle on what's at stake, Channel 17/Town Meeting TV and Seven Days are teaming up to host a public debate...
Instant Runoff Voting Interviews - 02/18/2010
Instant Runoff Voting Interviews at the Burlington City Hall before and after the IRV Debate.
Colchester Town Budget - 02/18/2010
Presentation of Colchester's Town Budget. If you want to puchase a copy of this program please contact LCATV: 862-5724 or email info [at] lcatv [dot] org.