BCLT Interviews #4 - Larry Deshaw, Jim Hokans, BYEP Youth Workers and Various Work Video 12/07/1985

UVM Trustees Vote to Divest from South Africa 12/06/1985

Citizens for America Press Conference, with Guest John Burns - Divesting from South Africa 12/06/1985

Tri-Partisan Press Conference in Support of the Alden Waterfront Plan 12/05/1985

Photo Journalist Dith Pran (The Killing Fields) Press Conference 12/04/1985

Shots of Burlington City Hall Employees Chuck Lavigne and Roger Pepin 12/04/1985

Mayor's Arts Council Appreciation Awards 12/04/1985

Vote NO on the Burlington Waterfront Ballot Item 12/02/1985

Miscellaneous Raw Footage 12/01/1985

La Pasada, A Guatemalan Christmas Tradition 12/01/1985

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