March and Demonstration Against General Electric Company 06/12/1986

Digging in to Dinner and the Edmunds Middle School Graduation 06/12/1986

Lisa Kiley UVM Art Exibit 06/08/1986

Sanders for Governor - Bernie Press Conference about Agriculture 06/06/1986

Burlington This Is You!: Burlington This Is You! E57 06/04/1986

Jerry Lee Lewis Concert at the Flynn Theater 06/01/1986

Old North End Discussion of the McNeil Generating Plant, Led by BED's Alan Yandow 05/28/1986

Profile of the Burlington Community Land Trust (BCLT) 05/20/1986

Burlington Youth Arts Day Performances 1986 05/17/1986

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August 11, 2020 Primary Night Results

For unofficial results on election night, visit the Vermont Secretary of State's election results page. Results reported for Federal, statewide, Senate and House Seats. https://electionresults.vermont.gov/Index.html#/ In September and October, Town Meeting TV will bring you live candidate forums for all federal, statewide and local elections.


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