Chittenden Solid Waste District 12/21/2022

Burlington Public Works Commission 12/21/2022

Burlington Airport Commission 12/21/2022

Burlington Police Commission 12/20/2022

Williston Selectboard 12/20/2022

Burlington Development Review Board 12/20/2022

South Burlington City Council 12/19/2022

Essex Selectboard 12/19/2022

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Community Media: A Historical Practice and Modern Day Tool

Although “media” is associated with technology, the internet, and the “now”, community media began when the first ever communities existed. In other words, community media has a rich history that dates far and wide to before the conventional assumption of “media” was ever adopted. It is an ever-changing and evolving practice that is truly integral to society and democracy. With the help of community media, communities of all types, sizes, and demographics can have access to democracy and contribute their own voice to society. While this is true, the visual aspect of media with the help of videography, imagery, and technology in general can really amplify a story. Today we have the privilege of sharing stories visually, making them even more special. With that, CCTV will continue to use communicative tools like podcasts, videos, and social media to share and encourage democracy throughout the community.


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