planBTV presentation and public hearing 12/05/2018

VSAC & Vermont State Colleges Event 12/04/2018

Peace and Justice: People for Peace and Justice 12/03/2018

Vermont State House Special Event: Raising of Ceres 11/30/2018

What's Going On?: The State of the World 11/30/2018

Education and Enrichment for Everyone: Exploring London's History through Architecture 11/30/2018

CCV Student Interviews - Part 2: Political Bias 11/29/2018

CCV Student Interviews - Part 3: Vegetarianism and Veganism 11/29/2018

CCV Student Interviews - Part 1: Society and Technology 11/29/2018

Burlington Town Hall Meeting 11/29/2018

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Stop the FCC From Gutting Public Access Television

The Federal Communications Commission is considering a new rule that will jeopardize community media organizations like Channel 17. Stop the FCC from gutting public access TV! Let them know why you think community media is important.


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