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True North Reports TV: 21st Century Policing 08/18/2017

Burlington Democrats: University and City Relations and Projects 08/09/2017

Chittenden Democrats: Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan 08/07/2017

True North Reports TV: Governor's Commission on Climate Change 07/21/2017

Burlington Democrats: Councilors Adam Roof and Richard Deane Discuss Burlington Telecom and Other Issues 07/12/2017

True North Reports TV: True North Welcomes Vermont Watchdog 06/16/2017

Chittenden Democrats: Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson 06/05/2017

True North Reports TV: Trump’s Alleged Money Laundering 05/19/2017

Woodchuck Report: Bonnie Scott Gives Libertarian Update 05/12/2017

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JOB OPENING: Channel 17 Field Producer

Channel 17 is hiring one part-time Field Producer to cover Chittenden County municipal meetings and public events to air on its government access TV channels and website (www.Ch17.TV). Meetings typically take place during evening hours with some weekend event coverage. Complete Job Description is available upon request.


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