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Migrant Justice March 10/01/2016

"Stop Violence and Deportations!" Rally, march, and speak-out sponsored by Migrant Justice to protest the detention of farmworker leader Miguel Alcudia.

On September 22, Migrant Justice farmworker leader Miguel Alcudia was leaving a VT dairy farm and his co-worker tipped him off that he was being followed by an unmarked car. When he arrived in the town of Vergennes, VT, undercover agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested him and took him into custody. This is the second Migrant Justice leader detained in recent months. Miguel is currently detained at Strafford County House of Correction in New Hampshire with $21,000 bail.

Vermont Rail Action Network Annual Dinner 11/05/2015

Vermont Rail Action Network (VRAN) hosts their annual dinner meeting, providing updates on their work with Vermont's Congressional delegation, Quebec officials, Vermont state officials, AMTRAK, Canadian Rail, Homeland Security and others in the effort to restore and expand passenger service in Vermont.  Railroad and track safety, as well as recognition of the crew of the recent Amtrak 'Northfield derailment' are recognized.

Owl Pellet Disection or What the Owl Ate 07/10/2015

Vermont's Barred Owl is a common species, which not unlike many birds, regurgitates a pellet consisting of the indigestible parts of prey eaten.  Disecting a pellet (normally regurgitated 6 to 16 hours after eating), provides a glimpse of what the owl ate and the marvel of nature.

American Red Cross of Vermont 02/23/2015

Larry Crist, Executive Director of American Red Cross of Vermont, speaks to the work of this organization through out the state.

Gardening in a Changing Climate 04/26/2014

Wetter spring soils, drier summers, and pests that move north are just some of the realities Vermont gardeners face with climate change, says writer and gardener Ellen Michaud.  To help gardeners better understand the challenges of climate change, and suggest strategies to deal with it, three UVM experts lead this workshop. Presenters include: Vermont state climatologist Leley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, UVM researcher Rachel Schattman, UVM Extension professor Leonard Perry.  Organized by Northwest Chapter of UVM Extension Master Gardener program.

Poison Prevention PSA 12/31/2013

Presentation by Northern New England Poison Center on prevention tips and assistance.


Damariscotta, Maine - Heart & Soul Community 10/31/2013

Damariscotta, Maine was selected as one of the Orton Family Foundation’s first Heart & Soul Community Planning pilot towns. We asked residents how this unconventional, values-based planning approach impacted the community and its goals for future growth.

Jane LaFleur, Heart & Soul Champion 10/31/2013

Executive Director of Friends of Midcoast Maine (FMM) Jane Lafleur touches on what distinguishes Heart & Soul from other planning approaches, why it's so effective, and how it's changed how she does business.

Biddo Spark of Maine - Heart & Soul 10/31/2013

Biddo Spark of Maine speaks to the community strengthening process called 'Heart & Soul' that the Orton Family Foundation has been developing.

Scott Morelli of Maine - Heart & Soul 10/31/2013

Scott Morelli, City Manager of Gardiner, Maine, is excited about what Heart & Soul can do for his community. Find out why.

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