Ali's Corner: BHS Student Leads Initiative to Support Yemeni Children

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In March 2015, a war in Yemen made the economy much worse than it had been in previous years. As a matter of fact, the Yemeni economy is very weak in comparison to the counties next to other countries in the region, for example, Saudi-Arabia. The violence of the war caused thousands of victims to be injured and to suffer from a severe lack of food, drinkable water, medicine, and safe shelter.

The Yemeni children have been affected by the war the most. They are suffering from insufficient medicine for many treatable diseases resulting from the war. These include cholera, flu, diarrhea, and fever. Additionally, the Yemeni hospitals do not have enough trained physicians and specialists on staff. Although the entire Yemeni population has been affected by the war, it is the children who suffer severely. Some of the children have been critically injured or lost body parts, and there is no medicine to treat them.

We have a BHS student, Kawther Hashim, organizing and supporting Yemeni children. She is joined in the studio by her father, Ahmed Lateef. We are proud of her initiative to raise awareness.

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