Burlington This Is You!: Burlington This Is You! E12b

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E1289258Burlington This Is You!  E12b9/25/19850:57:45N CCTV
E12 Intro with Nicaragua National Anthem  N CCTV
E1218262Gould and Stearns Mime Performance, Fletcher Free Library7/10/19850:09:55N78CCTV
E1218475Lemonade Stand and its Proprietresses6/1/19850:04:00NE12: no rawCCTV
E1218215Montpelier Midsummer Festival- Baudy Folk Stories7/13/19850:07:45NE12: no rawCCTV
E1218427Federal Food Distribution7/8/19850:01:45N78CCTV
E1217920BYEP- Bright St. Rehab Work in Progress7/11/19850:07:30N83CCTV
E1218173Mayor Sanders at Puerto Cabezas Sister City Public Meeting7/10/19850:10:30N93CCTV
E1218146Breaking the U.S. Economic Embargo Against Nicaragua 7/14/19850:09:45N82, 83, 84, 138CCTV
  March to the Canadian border checkpoint with speeches by organizers as a voiceover - confrontation with border guards      
E1217903The Making of a Zen Garden on the Burlington Waterfront7/11/19850:03:30N83CCTV

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