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This month we have a recap of some HUGE events starring the people of Vermont and their ability to mobilize for a cause. Day One of the legislative session, a Healthcare National Rally, MLK Day celebrations, the Women’s March on Montpelier, and more. We’ll also be speak with Dustin Tanner about the Raise the Wage campaign.

Host: Grant Taylor

Guest: Dustin Tanner

Producer: Grant Taylor

Rights and Democracy shares perspectives leading to a vision for a state in which every Vermonter earns a livable wage and has access to affordable health care, and where a progressive and equitable tax system supports an economy that protects the environment and human rights. We believe Vermont can lead our country in a new direction towards happy, healthy, and just communities for everyone.

For more info visit: http://www.radvt.org/

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Burlington Telecom Warns of Federal Threat to Net Neutrality

Nearly every company and every household in Burlington buys internet access and there is overwhelming bipartisan support for keeping the internet free and open, including from Vermont Congressman Welch, as well as, Senators Sanders and Leahy. Despite this, the FCC is charging ahead with a plan to roll-back these crucial protections, giving large ISPs new controls over what customers see, hear, and do online.


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