CCTV's Friday Night Television: Friday Night TV E70

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AE70E70 Friday Night TV E70LP 4-hr10/24/19862:40:00
AE70E70136875Kelly Collins Piano Show IntroLP 4-hr5/6/19860:02:00
AE70E7021915Tom Paxton – "We're Going to the Zoo” (2-camera edit) LP 4-hr7/17/19860:03:00
AE70E7017685Actor Chris Reeve (Superman) Appears at a Leahy RallyLP 4-hr9/19/19860:28:00
AE70E7017407Murray Bookchin Speaks About the Status of the Political LeftLP 4-hr9/15/19861:04:00
AE70E7017405Sen. Leahy's Remarks Concerning Nicaragua at Trinity CollegeLP 4-hr9/14/19860:35:00
AE70E7017666Vets' Fast for Life, Nicaragua, Burlington EncampmentLP 4-hr10/3/19860:10:00
AE70E7017389Sanders Disabilities Awareness Day Press ConferenceLP 4-hr10/8/19860:17:00
AE70E7017571Paula McKenzie's E.R.A. ProgramLP 4-hr9/1/19860:09:40

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