Catalysts of the Climate Economy National Innovation Summit 2017: Keynote Address - Paul Hawken

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Paul Hawken starts ecological businesses, writes about nature and commerce, and consults with heads of state and CEOs on climatic, economic and ecological regeneration. He has written eight books including five NYT bestsellers, The Next Economy, Growing a Business, The Ecology of Commerce, Blessed Unrest, and Drawdown (2017). The Ecology of Commerce was voted in 2013 as the #1 college text on business and the environment by professors in 67 business schools.

His book Natural Capitalism was referred to by President Bill Clinton as one of the five most important books in the world. His books have been published in over 50 countries in 30 languages. Paul founded some of the first natural food companies in the U.S. that relied solely on sustainable agricultural methods, including Erewhon.

He founded OneSun, an energy company focused on ultra low-cost solar based on green chemistry and biomimicry. He is the founder of Project Drawdown, which works with over two hundred scholars, students, scientists, researchers, and activists to map, measure, and model the one hundred most substantive solutions that reduce and sequester greenhouse gases that cumulatively can reverse global warming.

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