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8218475Lemonade Stand and Its Proprietresses6/1/19850:04:00E12
132103207Crutches & Cane Struggling with Crosswalk. Diabilties. Bad Pavement.11/14/19850:01:00 
132103207North Street Video Footage11/14/19850:14:00 
283103208Nat's Hand Adjusting Handwritten Titles11/1/19860:00:15 
E35103209Discover Jazz Festival 1986 Highlights6/6/19860:20:00 
8317903Making of a Zen Garden7/11/19850:09:45E12
145103211Cable Co. Apology for Show with No Sound12/11/19850:00:30 
7318305City Hall Employees Roger Pepin and Chuck Lavigne6/3/19850:05:2093, 142, 145, 356, 760, 2965 
83103212Video Clip of the Italian Ice Cream Man7/12/19850:00:48 
87103214David (Oasis) Clip8/1/19850:00:15 

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  • Production Date: 12/01/1985
  • Catalog Number: 82
  • Archive Number: R116
  • Series: none
  • Length: 00:56:00
  • Town: Burlington
  • Geography: Burlington
  • Event Type: General
  • Content Type: Other




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