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Burlington's Community and Economic Development Office produces a regular program featuring the projects and policy discussions that shape Burlington's community and commercial life.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-03-02
Format: 2021-03-02
Community Development Block Grants - 04/27/2015
Marcy Esbjerg, Director of Community Development, speaks with Russ Elek, CDBG Advisory Board Member on Community Development Block Grants.  Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. 
100,000 Homes Initiative Follow-up - 03/23/2015
Marcy Krumbine Esbjerg, Assistant Director for Community Development, speaks with Chris Brzovic, Burlington Housing Authority Americorps member, on the 100,000 Homes Initiative to survey the homeless.  Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show...
Burlington Town Center Mall Redevelopment - Public Process - 01/26/2015
Nate Wildfire, Assistant Director of Burlington's Community & Economic Development Office, is joined by Don Sinex, Owner of the Burlington Town Center Mall for a discussion on the Burlington Town Center Mall Redevelopment.  Burlington...
Hosted by Various Staff - 12/22/2014
Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. 
Farrington Mobile Home Park - 11/24/2014
Brian Pine of CEDO speaks with Sarah Woodward of the CVOEO Mobile Home Project, and Jeremiah Ward of Cooperative Development Institute, on the potential sale of the Farrington Mobile Home Park.  Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. 
Burlington's Housing Plan - 10/27/2014
Brian Pine, Assistant Director for Housing and Community hosts Jane Knodell, Ward 1 City Councilor and Chair of the City Council Community Develop,ment & Neighborhood Revitalizatoin Committee for a conversation on Burlington's Housing Plan....
Parking Changes in Burlington - 09/22/2014
Changes to Burlington parking regulations go into effect Ocyber 1, 2014.  Nate Wildfire, Assistant Director for Economic Development, and Diana Colangelo, Economic Development Specialist sahre information on the changes.  Burlington CEDO...
Burlington Community Justice Center - 08/25/2014
Karen Vastine, Coordinator for the Burlington Community Justice Center and Sarah Kenney, Founding member of Old North End Safety Team and a Police Commissioner, talk about the North End Safety Team and the Isham Street event scheduled for September...
Burlington's Housing Plan - 07/28/2014
Brian Pine, Assistant Director for Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization hosts Jane Knodell, Ward 2 City Councilor and Chair of the City Council Community Development & Neighborhood Revitalization Committee and Erik Hoekstra, Development...
City Hall Summer Internship Program - 06/23/2014
Kesha Ram and Karolina Ramos of CEDO host a discussion about the City hall Summer Internship Program.  Colin Powers, Alta Viscomi, Kate Springer, and Juan Zhang, all current summer intern, shares thoughts. Burlington CEDO Office's monthly...
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Community Development Week - 04/28/2014
 Marcy Krumbine, Assistant Director for Community Development is joined by Becky Holt, COTS Director of Development and Communication, and Jennie Davis, WHBW Director of Program Services to discuss Community Development Block Grant (CDBG),...
Environmental Sustainability - 03/24/2014
 Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show.  Jennifer Green hosts with the topic of Environmental Sustainability.  Her guests in the discussion are: Melanie Needle of the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) and...
Waterfront Investments - 01/27/2014
 Brian Pine, Assistand Director, Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization is joined by Kirsten Merriman Shapiro, Special Projects Manager and Nate Wildfire, Assistant Director for Economic Development to discuss Waterfront investments that...
Public Investment Action Plan - Next Steps on the Waterfront - 11/25/2013
 Nathan Wildfire, Assistant Director of Economic Development at Burlington's Community and Economic Development Office, speaks to the next steps on the Burlington Waterfront, part of the Public Investment Action Plan (PIAP - http://www....
Accessibility in Burlington - 10/28/2013
Accessibility issues in Burlington are discussed in Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show with Kesha Ram, Community Engagement Specialist with CEDO, and Ralph Montefusco, Co-chair of Burlington's Advisory Committee on Accessibility.