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Burlington's Community and Economic Development Office produces a regular program featuring the projects and policy discussions that shape Burlington's community and commercial life.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-03-03
Format: 2021-03-03
Burlington Lead Program - 09/23/2013
 Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. Joanne Bottger, program specialist and Lauren Pyatt, outreach specialist, talk about Burlington lead program.
City Hall Internship Program - 07/22/2013
 Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show, tonight focussing on 'the City Hall Internship Program'.  Host Kesha Ram speaks with interns Katie Barker, Tara Gallagher, Karolina Ramos, Mabel Prine, Alayna Thompson, and Ethan Aaronson...
Neighborhood Safety Initiative - 06/24/2013
 Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. Karen Vastine, of the Community Justice Center is joined by Charlie Giannoni, a volunteer with the Community Justice Center, and Gail Shampnois with UVM Office of Student and Community Relations, to...
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program and 5-Year Consolidated Plan - 04/22/2013
 Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. Marcy Krumbine, Assistant Director for Community Development, leads a discussion on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program and the 5-Year Consolidated Plan.
Public Investment Action Plan (PIAP) - 03/25/2013
Diana Colangelo, Economic Development Specialist, and Nathan Wildfire, Assitant Director for Economic Development, share the process and status of the City's Waterfront and Downtown Public Investment Action Plan (PIAP).  Over the next two...
City Hall Internship Program - 02/25/2013
 Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. Kesha Ram speaks with Corina Pinto, Jack Commo, both City Hall Interns and Shannon Wilson, Coordinator of the City Hall Internship Program, talking about the program and the value of the experience.
Saving Energy in Your Home and A Waterfront Update from CEDO - 01/28/2013
 Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. Diana Colangelo hosts Jennifer Ely, an interested citizen, Jeremy King of Vermont Gas and Paul Markowitz from Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, to discuss the Home Energy Challenge.
Burlington Housing Issues - 11/26/2012
 Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. 
Burlington Legacy Project - 09/24/2012
 Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. Tonight Host Jennifer Green of the Burlington Legacy Project, speaks with Holli Howard, Clean Air-Cool Planet Fellow, with the CEDO Office.
Americorps and We All Belong Programs - 07/23/2012
Beth Truzansky hosts a discussion of the City's Americorps and We All Belong programs. Guests include: Jeetan Khadka and Leigh Bukowski. Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. 
We All Belong Initiative - 06/13/2012
Beth Truzansky, Coordinator of Community and Neighborhood Services, is joined by Dan Balon, Direcot of Burlington School District's Diversity and Equity Office, and Phelan Fretz, Executive Director of ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center to...
Burlington Lead Program - 05/29/2012
Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show.  Brian Pine, Assistant Director for Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization, speaks with Jeff Tanguay, Burlington Lead Program Coordinator, on the Burlington Lead Program.
Parallel Justice for Victims of Crime - 04/23/2012
Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show.  Hannah T., Parallel Justice volunteer, Rain Banbury, Parallel Justice Specialist and Clark Sheldon, Parallel Justice Specialist, share insghts into the program.  More information at:...
Fair Housing - 03/26/2012
Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show.  Brian Pine speaks about April's 'Fair Housing' month and the accomplishments made over the past year, the continued challenges ahead. 
Downtown Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) District - 02/27/2012
Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show.  Brian Pine shares information on the Burlington Ballot dealing with the Tax Incremental Fianancing (TIF) District.