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Sandy Baird is a veteran commentator on local and international issues, a lawyer, and a former teacher at Burlington College. Contact her at

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-12-06
Format: 2021-12-06
Armistice Day/Veterans Day - 11/09/2021
Sandy Baird talks about the history of Armistice Day/Veterans Day and what we can learn from it. 
What's Up with the Dems? - 01/31/2020
Sandy Baird weighs in on the Democrat's approach to the impeachment trial and beyond.
History Matters - 10/14/2019
Sandy Baird talks about our often misrepresented history with other world powers.
Roe v. Wade - Women's Right to Abortions - 06/17/2019
Sandy Baird discusses women's right to abortions, the Roe v. Wade decision from 1973 and its future, and the backlash our nation has seen since.
The Mueller Report - 05/10/2019
Sandy Baird discusses the conclusions of the Mueller Report and the actions towards impeachment that anti-Trump protesters are taking.
Venezuela - The Monroe Doctrine - 02/27/2019
Sandy Baird discusses the current political state of Venezuela and Trump's actions towards it.
Reproductive Rights - 12/21/2018
Sandy Baird discusses the future of reproductive rights in this political climate.
St. Joseph's Orphanage - 10/02/2018
Sandy Baird discusses her concerns and beliefs into the reported accusations of abuse in the long-closed St. Joseph's Orphanage located right here in Burlington Vermont.
Is America Still a Nation of Laws? - 07/11/2018
Sand Baird shares her perspective and comments on the Trump Administration's implementation of the zero-tolerance immigration policy. She asks the question, "Are we still a nation of laws?"
The Second Amendment - 03/23/2018
Sandy addresses the significance of the Second Amendment in the constitution and why we should not forget it.
Trump's First Year - 02/12/2018
Sandy assesses the executive conduct of Donald J. Trump after a year in office.
#MeToo - 12/22/2017
Sandy calls upon viewers to invest in greater gender equality in the United States and abroad by raising their voices in unison with the #MeToo movement and demand the resignation of President Donald Trump.
Armistice Day - 11/10/2017
Sandy Baird discusses Armistice Day on the day that the United States celebrates Veteran's Day, the meaning of peace, the impact of the world wars and the role that war plays in human history.
Trump and Cuba - 10/20/2017
Sandy Baird discusses the ongoing relationship between the United States and Cuba under various presidents and specifically the impact of new Trump policies on the small island nation off the coast of Florida.
The Nuclear Arms Race - 08/25/2017
Sandy Baird discusses the history and the modern situation involved in the nuclear arms race.

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