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Host, Zach Rhoads, speaks to the world's leading intellectuals about human development, addiction, ethics, science, and more. Check out the audio podcast here:

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-05-22
Format: 2019-05-22
Addiction Epistemology - 09/27/2018
Dr. Rick Barnett and Zach Rhoads discuss the meaning of addiction and the implication and efficacy of various "Addiction Treatments."
Opiates: Scientific, Political, & Social Perspectives - 05/21/2018
Zach Rhoads sits down with Dr. Stefan Kertesz, MD, to discuss the role that prescription medications play in the opioid crisis.
Jerry Sandusky - Guilty or Innocent? - 02/01/2018
Host Zach Roads invites author Mark Pendergrast back to discuss one of his books "The Most Hated Man In America: Jerry Sandusky and the Rush to Judgement." Mark outlines the case that was held against Sandusky and the role repressed...