Vermont Institute of Civic and International Involvement (VICII) hosts a series of discussions on contemporary issues.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-07-28
Format: 2021-07-28
Cuba Today - 07/28/2021
Cuba is on the front burner.  As Cuban protesters against the Cuban government crowd the streets of Havana , Cuban American protesters crowd the streets in Miami calling for USA intervention in the Island .Reminding the world of the Cold War...
Update on Gaza - 07/07/2021
Discussion with Mousa Ishaq, Peter Clavelle, and Ian Stokes.
The Great Reset - Global Planning/Global Nightmare? - 06/23/2021
Rob Williams is an environmental historian, researcher, and publisher of the Vermont Independent online news journal.
What's Happening in Haiti Today? - 06/09/2021
Tim Rieser, Senior Foreign Policy Aid to Senator Patrick Leahy, and Robin Lloyd, Peace Activist & Filmmaker of “Black Dawn,” an animated film of the Haitian
Policing an American City - 06/03/2021
A talk and discussion with Jon Murad, Acting Burlington Police Chief.
The Supreme Court - Packing/Expansion? - 05/13/2021
A talk and discussion on the United States Supreme Court by Attorney Jared Carter.
Gathering to Express Support and Solidarity with the Faculty, Staff, and Students of the University of Vermont - 05/12/2021
The Vermont Institute of Community and International Involvement (VICII) holds a gathering outside of the Waterman Building of the University of Vermont at noon on Wednesday, May 12th, 2021. VICII is a group of educators, artists and civic activists...
What's Happening at UVM? - Part 2 - 04/28/2021
Julie Roberts, President of UVM Faculty Union, United Academics.
Spanish-American War & Manifest Destiny Part 2-1898: From Republic to Empire - Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii & Philippines - 04/14/2021
This week's session is led by Sandy Baird, Kurt Mehta, Grant Crichfield, and Armando Vilaseca.
What's Happening at UVM? - 03/31/2021
Sen. Philip Baruth, Vermont State Senator, Faculty at UMV, novelist 
Brexit - UK, Scotland, Ireland & Europe - 03/17/2021
Graham Clarke is a teacher, principal, and Irish-American activist.
Reconstruction of the United States from 1865-1877: The 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments - 03/10/2021
This VICII Contemporary Issues Forum is a part of the annual Roz Payne Memorial Series and dedicated to issues of racism. Guest Eric Agnero speaks about the Reconstruction Period in the United States. Sandy Baird facilitates the discussion.
Town Meeting Day Reflections - 03/03/2021
This week's VICII Contemporary Issues Forum is a discussion of the March 2nd election and the future of Town Meetings. Please join us to chime in on what you think about the results of the March 2 election and how it will affect Burlington going...
China - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - 02/25/2021
The Vermont Institute of International and Community Involvement (VICII), the Association of Africans Living in Vermont (AALV) and the Caroline Fund are pleased to invite you to this week's session with Andrew Buchanan, Ph.D., University of...