Vermont Institute of Civic and International Involvement (VICII) hosts a series of discussions on contemporary issues.

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Format: 2021-01-22
Format: 2021-01-22
Coming into Force - Enforcement of the UN Nuclear Ban - 01/13/2021
The Vermont Institute of International and Community Involvement (VICII), the Association of Africans Living in Vermont (AALV) and the Caroline Fund are pleased to invite you to this week's session. We're joined on Zoom by Dr. John Reuwer...
Can the U.S. Continue to Print Money? - 01/06/2021
Dr. Jane Knodell, Professor of Economics at University of Vermont, leads a talk and discussion about if the U.S. can continue to print money.
The Influence of DCF in the Family Lives of Vermonters - 11/18/2020
Ted Kenney, Chief of the Human Services Legal Division, VT Office of the Attorney General
What are Your Rights When Stopped and Questioned by the Police - 10/28/2020
Julio Thompson, Director of the Civil Rights Unit of the VT Office of the Attorney General The Vermont Institute of International and Community Involvement (VICII), the Office of the State Attorney General, and the Association of Africans Living in...
Do We Need To Eliminate Cash Bail? - With State's Attorney Sarah George - 10/22/2020
What is monetary bail and should it be abolished? Sarah George, Vermont State's Attorney discusses her reasons to end requests for eliminating bail in Chittenden County. Please call Sandy Baird at 802-355-4968 or email at sandybaird114 [at]...
The Erasure of History - Statue Toppling in the New World Order - 08/03/2020
A discussion of the recent toppling of statues around the country, as well as of the decision to paint over Sam Kerson's mural at the Vermont Law School.
The Constitution, The Economy, and The Pandemic - 04/22/2020
Vermont Institute of Community and International Involvement (VICII) presents a community discussion with Jared Carter, Esq. about the Constitution, the Economy, and the Pandemic.  
India - Past and Present - 04/01/2020
Kurt Mehta, Esq., sits down with his peers to discuss India's past and present.
Haiti - The Longest Revolution & Counter-Revolution of the Americas - 03/04/2020
Part of VICII's 2nd session of Contemporary Issues Forum. Leader of the discussion: Robin Lloyd, peace activist and filmmaker of “Black Dawn,” an animated film of the Haitian Revolution.
A Woman's Right to Health Care in Vermont & the U.S. in 2020 - 02/05/2020
Part of VICIIs 2nd Session of Municipalism: The New Democracy, Contemporary Issues Winter 2020. Leader of the discussion: Sandy Baird, Esq., a founder of the Vermont Women's Health Center and Jill Krowinsky, VT State Representative from...
The Origins of the Electoral College & Its Racist Evolution - No Way to Elect a President - 01/08/2020
A part of the Roz Payne Memorial Race & Racism Series. Leaders of the Discussion: Sandy Baird, Esq., lawyer and former Burlington College instructor
Sister Cities - Citizen Diplomacy and the Creation of a Foreign Policy of Neighborly Cities - 12/11/2019
Part of VICII's Burlington, VT Contemporary Issues Forum, 2019. Leaders of the Discussion: Sandy Baird Mousa Ishaq, Chair Burlington/Bethlehem/Arad Sister City Program Dan Higgins, Chair Puerta Cabezas/Bilwi, Nicaragua/Yaroslaval, Russia/...
The F-35s - Local Noise and Nukes - 10/30/2019
VICII continues their fall series of talks and discussions on Burlington, VT. All events are from 6:00 - 8:00 pm, are free and open to the public and will be held at the Old North End Community Center at 20 Allen Street, Burlington, Vermont,...

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