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Format: 2022-01-22
Format: 2022-01-22
On Israel and Palestine - 12/08/2017
Sandy Baird, Kurt Mehta, and Marc Estrin discuss the Isreali nation occupying Palestine and the December 2017 controversial relocation of the United States embassy to the city of Jerusalem.
Free Speech and the Burlington Telecom Sale - 11/16/2017
Sandy Baird, Kurt Mehta, and Marc Estrin convene to discuss the interests of free speech in the Burlington Telecom Sale, the changing relationships between U.S., Russia, and China over the years, and national issues surrounding the harassment of...
Burlington Telecom Sale Finalists and Catalonian Secession - 10/16/2017
Sandy Baird, Mark Estrin, and Kurt Mehta discuss the sale of Burlington, Vermont's Burlington Telecom (provider of telephone, television, and internet services) and the movement in Catalonia, located along Spain's Mediterranean coast, to...
Trump at the U.N., North Korea, and Nuclear Proliferation - 09/19/2017
Sandy Baird, Peter Garritano, Mark Estrin, and Kurt Mehta discuss current events and the impact on world and local communities.
Charlottesville and the Uses of History - 08/17/2017
Host Sandy Baird brings in Marc Estrin and Kurt Mehta to talk about the clashes at the Unite the Right event in Virginia, what to do with confederate memorial statues, and how to deal with unwelcome ideas without violating the constitution.
Revolution - Bastille Day and the Second Vermont Republic - 07/14/2017
Sandy discusses the French Revolution's legacy through the American and Haitian Revolutions and into a contemporary secessionist movement in Vermont. Familiar guests Kurt Mehta, Peter Garritano, and Marc Estrin are joined by Rob Williams of the...
How the F*ck Do You Keep Up With Everything? - A Discussion of Current Events - 06/09/2017
Sandy Baird, Kurt Mehta, Marc Estrin, and Peter Garritano discuss current events, Iran, international politics and wars, the Trump administration, Al Jazeera, the U.K. Election, FBI Director Jame Comey, the U.S., Russia, and other world news.
Presidential Politics, Russia, and Current Affairs - 05/10/2017
Kurt Mehta, Sandy Baird, Marc Estrin, and Pete Garritano discuss current political affairs. Will President Trump get impeached? Is it bad for the U.S. to collaborate with Russia? Who do you trust? The FBI? The CIA? The media?
Vermonters for Justice in Palestine - 03/02/2017
Sandy Baird, Wafic Faour, Marc Estrin, and Ian Stokes discuss the work and concerns of Vermonters for Justice in Palestine. For more information visit: https://www.vtjp.org/