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Winooski officials and community members share insights into the events and issues happening in the City of Winooski. For more information on what's happening "in the world of Winooski" visit

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Format: 2023-12-06
Format: 2023-12-06
Overview of City and School Budget Process - 11/28/2023
From the City of Winooski: Learn how Winooski City and School District approach the annual budget process, what's included, and how residents can engage. Host Mayor Kristine Lott chats with Thomas Renner, Winooski Deputy Mayor; Robert...
Halloween in Winooski - 10/24/2023
From the City of Winooski: Mayor Kristine Lott and Ray Coffey, Community Services Director, discuss the City's upcoming halloween events and interview students as they carve pumpkins. This episode takes place at the community...
Winooski Pride Event 2023 - 08/29/2023
From the City of Winooski: Mayor Kristine Lott and guest Deputy Mayor Thomas Renner discuss what's being planned for this year's Winooski Pride Event on Sep. 9, 2023. For more information visit:
The Heritage Winooski Mill Museum - 06/27/2023
From the City of Winooski: Meet the Executive Director of the Heritage Winooski Mill Museum and learn about arts and culture programming in Winooski. Mayor Kristine Lott interviews Miriam Block, Executive Director, Heritage Winooski Mill Museum.
Efficiency Vermont Community Initiative in Winooski - 03/28/2023
From the City of Winooski: Learn about offers and incentives from Efficiency Vermont that you can access to save energy and cost in your home. Host Kristine Lott is joined by Guest: Michelle McCutcheon-Schour, Community Engagement Lead, Efficiency...
Help Available Through the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity - 11/22/2022
From the City of Winooski: Hear from the Housing Education Coordinators at CVOEO about resources and education available to community members, with guests Karin Ames and Corrine Yonce. For more info: |
Halloween Promo - Downtown Winooski Organization - 10/06/2022
From the City of Winooski: Join Meredith Bay-Tyack, Councilor Thomas Renner, and Ray Coffey to learn about the upcoming Halloween events in Winooski organized by the Downtown Winooski organization. For more info:
School Construction Update - 08/23/2022
From the City of Winooski: School Trustee Alex Yin shares updates on the school's capital project with guests Hussein Amuri and Shristy Pradhan. For more info:
Restorative Justice in Winooski - 07/26/2022
Learn what Restorative Justice is and how it's being practiced to support Winooski youth. Guest: Kayla Loving, Restorative Justice Coordinator at Spectrum Youth & Family Services For more info:
Fight For Kids Foundation & Winooski Youth Center - 06/28/2022
Leaders of the Fight For Kids Foundation discuss plans to support Winooski youth. Guests include King McMillan, Founder & CEO of Fight For Kids Foundation, and Gita Seaton, Director of Operations for Fight For Kids Foundation. For more...
Welcoming Elaine Wang and Celebrating Winooski - 05/24/2022
Meet Winooski's new City Manager Elaine Wang and hear about the upcoming Centennial Celebration event with Downtown Winooski Executive Director Meredith Bay-Tyack.
Winooski's Centennial Celebration - 01/19/2022
Amy Lafayette, of the Winooski Centennial Committee, previews Winooski's Centennial Celebration.
Halloween in Winooski Preview - 09/16/2021
Halloween in Winooski Preview with Downtown Winooski Executive Director, Meredith Bay-Tyack
Winooski's Achievements Over the Past 4 Years with City Manager Jessie Baker - 05/13/2021
Mayor Kristine Lott and Jessie Baker look back at Winooski's achievements over the past four years with Jessie Baker as City Manager.
One Year of Covid-19 - 04/08/2021
Mayor Kristine Lott, City Manager Jessie Baker, and community partners give an update on the impacts of Covid-19 in Winooski, one year later.

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Applications Now Open for the Winter/Spring 2024 Cohort of the Neighborhood Community Media Internship Program at Town Meeting TV

Town Meeting TV is excited to announce that applications are now open for the Winter/Spring 2024 cohort of the Neighborhood Community Media Internship program. Join 8 other youth to engage in interesting media making projects! This paid media internship opportunity is designed for youth aged 16-22 who are eager to gain professional experience in the audio-visual field and develop a deeper understanding of their local community. 5 of these spots are specifically for students who are part of the Burlington My Brother's Keeper/My Sister's Keeper programs. The group will meet under the leadership of Town Meeting TV's Travis Washington from the beginning of January 2024 to the end of May 2024, on a schedule agreed upon by the whole cohort.


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